Skully: Achievement Guide 100%

A one-stop-shop for everything you need to achieve 100% in Skully.



Skully has 18 chapters, all relatively short. You don’t need to worry about missing an achievement as you can always replay any chapter as necessary.

The 5500 collectible flowers are only really ‘collected’ once you save – so remember to save as much as possible to avoid duplicating effort.

Story Achievements
You will unlock these achievements as you progress through the game.

Meet Your Maker

Strong Silent Type


Sibling Subdued

Jolly Jumper

Friendship Fractured

Parental Guidance

Breaking Through

Journey’s End

Collectible Achievements

These achievements all require you to pick up the flowers in each level. I would suggest doing one initial run of each level where you strive to take as many as you feasibly can, but ignore the very hard ones, then another run to clean up.


Collector Returns

Rise of the Collector

Revenge of the Collector

The Collector Strikes Back

Legend of the Collector

Figure Achievements

There is a statue of each of the four siblings. These can be found hidden on different levels. A guide has already been made showing the location of each so I will just link itĀ hereĀ .

Limited Edition #1

Can be found in Chapter 6.

Limited Edition #2

Can be found in Chapter 9.

Limited Edition #3

Can be found in Chapter 12.

Limited Edition #4

Can be found in Chapter 15.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Take a “Skull-fie”

Look directly at the camera by pressing LB.

Pop! Splash!

You kill Water Punks using Strong Form. You likely have achieved this during normal play.

Anger Issues

You kill Lava Punks using Strong Form. Chapter 9 is good for farming them. Note that killing them and then suiciding will NOT count. You need to kill them, save, and restart the level.


Throw Skully at least 60m away. There are many places where you can do this but I recommend the beginning of chapter 16.

After climbing the side of the mountain switch to the Strong Form and climb the nearby hill (see below).

From there, position yourself on the edge of the cliff and throw Skully to the entrance of the level.

Deathless Achievements

There are two types of deathless achievements.
– three achievements tied to specific sequences
– three achievements tied to completing X levels deathless

Bone Dry

This is tied to the tidal wave sequence in Chapter 4.

Keeping Your Cool

This is tied to the lava wave sequence in Chapter 9.

On the Up and Up

This is tied to the volcano sequence in Chapter 11.

I suggest leaving these achievements to the end, and NOT trying to get the collectibles at the same time. It’s easier to just do the levels with survival in mind.


A Tough Skull to Crack


For the 10 deathless levels, I suggest the following levels:
1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14.

For 4/9/11, most or all of the levels you have to do deathless for the other achievements anyway. The rest are levels I found to be easier. If you do these at the end, you should have no trouble completing the levels deathless.

By Kryn

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