Slender: The Arrival – All 10 Notes in Nightmare

This guide is made specifically for people like me who has gotten lost trying to find all 10 notes in Slender the Arrival’s new chapter: Nightmare.


Note 1

This note is found once you start up the chapter, impossible to miss.

Note 2

This one can be found directly outside from where you start once you unlock the door.
It is by the left wall past the vending machine.

Note 3

This note is found inside James Anderson’s office at the very end of the room.

Note 4

This note is in Operation Room C, past the door that is slightly open.

Note 5

This one is located by an office cubicle at the very end.

Note 6

Right next to the glowing red window, there’s a note on the desk.

Note 7 and Note 8

Both of these are located in Seminar Room and Teaching Lab.

Note 9

Now this one is a bit tricky, This one is located inside the Security Room inside a bin.

Note 10

Once you reach the rooftop, the note is by the table to your right.

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