Slender The Arrival: Achievement Guide 100%

A short guide to all the achievements in Slender: The Arrival.


Fearless Fun
Ride the slide in the backyard of the house in Prologue

Master Pianist
Spam the piano in the house in Prologue until you get this achievement.

I Love Radio
Spam the radio in the house in Prologue until you get the achievement.

I…I’ll just…take this..I guess?
As soon as the The Eight Pages chapter starts, go to the shed/shack and pick up a sign that says how many canoes are available.

The Collector I
Find all numbered letters, check Youtube for excact locations.

The Collector II
Find all scrapbook items, check Youtube for exact locations.

Speed Runner I
Set game on easy mode, then start the The Eight Pages chapter. Grab notes until Slenderman spawns and run into him. Do this in under 5 minutes.

Speed Runner II
Beat the Into The Abyss chapter in under 5 minutes, easiest done in easy mode.

Speed Runner III
Beat the entire game in under 45 minutes, easiest done in easy mode. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN 1 RUN.

Marathon Runner
Surpass 10 000 steps in-game.

Set the game in hardcore difficulty and load the The Eight Pages chapter, as soon as you see Slenderman just walk into him.

Load the The Arrival chapter and run into Slendermans tenticles.

Well At Least You Tried
Load the Into The Abyss chapter and die 3 times in a row, easiest on hardcore mode.

Get Me Out of Here! + Why Am I Still Playing This Game?
When Slenderman stares at you and your screen starts shaking spam the Start button 10 times for the first achievement and 50 times for the second.

Cry Baby
Load Prologue and walk to the burned house, check if Charlie’s there, if he is there walk up to him until you get jumpscared. Do this 3 times.

Fire Proof
Load the The Arrival chapter and go through the forest without catching on fire once.

I Escaped?
Load the Into The Abyys chapter and walk in the mine. go in between the elevator and the wall next to it, walk as far as you can until you fall through the floor.

I’m Free!
Before starting, go to the settings and set the difficulty on ‘Normal Mode’. Then beat the entire game.

Before starting, go to the settings and set the difficulty on ‘Hard Mode’. Then beat the entire game

Retro Fan
Beat the Genesis chapter. MUST BE ON HARDCORE DIFFICULTY.

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