Song of the Deep: Location-Specific Achievements Guide

A guide for Song of the Deep’s 3 Achievements that can only be unlocked doing something in a specific location.


Rest in Pieces

The Rest in Pieces Achievement requires you bring one of the underwater flowers to where you killed the Watcher boss and drop it on her “grave”. There are only a few close to the Boss’s Lair, but it’s not a far trek to find one.

Trip A: From Merrow Ruins to Watcher’s Hollow (With Screenshots)

If you start from the Savepoint above the collective of Candle Jellyfish in the Merrow Ruins you can get to a flower with relative ease. You will need to move those pesky Jellyfish out of the way, head down, then go to the right. At the top of the sunken cathedral there will be a yellow flower. Grab it and head out of there before too many enemies enclose on you.

Trip A: Video Guide

Trip B: From Skeleton Reef to Watcher’s Hollow (With Screenshots)

There is a flower on a barrel in Skeleton Reef, next to a Savepoint and one of the Chain-Bombs. Head up through the wrecks and then down and pass by the hanging anchor (unless you’ve fed the clam with it yet). Watch out here for the 2 Tremorclaws that lurk nearby. You’ll need to weave around all the wrecked ships and follow the path to the pit that leads down into the Watcher’s Hollow. And directly into the Lair.

Trip B: Video Guide

Whichever location you’re closer to in your journey, when you get to the Lair, simply let the flower fall onto the remains and you’ll get the achievement. If memory serves, there will also be a monetary reward for doing so.

Feast for a Queen

Note 1. You’ll need to acquire the Magma Bomb Upgrade in order to open up the “door” to reach the location for this achievement.

Note 2.
-There is already 1 flower inside the cave.
-There is another 1 flower outside the cave.
-You’ll only need to acquire 1 more flower for this achievement. There are several in the area as options, but here are at least four of them.
Once you do, go to a cave entrance just above the shipwreck graveyard in Skeleton Reef near one of the locations of the Hermit Crab Vendor. One of the pointing skeletons even shows you the way.
You’ll notice one of the head statues blocking you progressing too far. Shoot just above the bridge of its nose and grapple on the hardened rock that sticks to it. Pull as far as you can and take the flowers into the cave that lies beyond.

You’ll need to throw all 3 flowers (pictured below all together) into the Queen Leviathan’s mouth. It can be fairly easy to miss or let go of the flower instead of throwing it. You should back up, boost a little bit, then let go and the flower will be sent flying into the Queen Leviathan’s very, very wide jaws.

Video Guide.

You’ll get the Magma Burst upgrade as a reward for doing this as well as unlocking the Feast for a Queen Achievement.

Merryn and Goliath

Once Merryn attains the ability to leave the sub and swim on her own, you need to find a Tremorclaw, one of the giant crabs. I recommend finding one by itself as it’s pretty rough to target one and avoid interacting with the other. They’re pretty territorial once they see you.

Right beside the Warp Gate in Undying Caves is a cave where only 1 Tremorclaw spawns. You’ll need to deal with the jellyfish here, but once you’ve dispensed with them, take your time. It’s a bit of a small arena, but it’s a good spot not to have to worry about multiple of them and not too many waves of other enemies.

Wait for it to have locked its attack, leave the ship and swim around behind it. This can be a bit tricky, be patient and commit to your attack. Attack the open muscle on its back with the Coral Knife. It should only take 2 hits to guarantee a kill.
Video Guide

Once you do, the Merryn and Goliath Achievement will unlock for you.

Thanks to A_Phosphorus_Invention for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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