Sons Of The Forest: How to Get Guns

There are 4 main guns in Sons of the forest, and this is how to get them.



The pistol is by far the easiest of the guns to get, you simply need to go to the most southern purple exclamation mark. It is out in the water on a little orange life boat. Once your there, climb in, and you’ll find the pistol, it requires 9mm ammo to use.

Stun Gun
The stun gun is the second easiest, as it has no requirements. You simply just have to make your way to the rebreather cave and as your going through it, you’ll find the stun gun! Its right by this dude hanging off the ceiling. Be prepared as there will be mutants.The stun gun uses stun ammo.
The Revolver
Now, the revolver is going to have a requirement to get it, and that’s the shovel. I don’t want to go into how to get the shovel, but if you look it up there plenty of good guides. Essentially, go to the green dot I marked on the map with “revolver” (thank you to whoever made that map), pull out your shovel, and start digging until you see a hatch. Go down the hatch when it prompts you to, and then once your in, go through the doorway on your right after going down the hall a bit. You’ll see a dead guy laying there and he’ll have the revolver! The revolver uses 9mm ammo as well, but is stronger than the pistol.

Now, last but not least, we have the shotgun. It also requires the shovel, but is a bit harder to obtain because of it being bye a cannibal village. Simply go to the purple exclamation mark I circled and dig up the grave. Once you remove enough dirt, you will be able to get the shotgun! It uses buckshot and slug ammo.

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