Sons Of The Forest: How to Revive Virginia or Kelvin

How to revive Virginia or Kelvin?

In “Son of the Forest Pet Cematary Ritual 1.5”
Click on “Virginia Live” or “Kelving Live”


Download Son of the Forest Pet Cematary Ritual 1.5

1.0) Save in a new Slot and Exit game
1.1) Download Son of the Forest – Pet Cematary Ritual 1.5 from oficial drive

2.0) Open SonOfTheForestVirginiaKelvin.exe
2.1) Select your ID:

2.2) Select single or multiplayer slot

2.3) Here all saved games are listed, choose the most current (or the one you want to fix)

2.4) Click in “Virginia Live” or “Kelvin Live” and Confirm

2.5) Done, now open the game again and load the game and they will live!

About Backup:
The backup is automatically generated with a random GUID in the file name to undo the change if desired.
(in folder C:/Users/%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Endnight/SonsOfTheForest/Saves/STEAM-ID/SinglePlayer/SAVE-ID)

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