SOS OPS!: 100% Achievements Guide

This is a guide for getting all achievements in SOS OPS!

– This guide is work in progress


Training Center

First Handshake
  • Help the Mr. Pr. get in front of the cameras.

When first starting the game, you will go through a tutorial.

Once reaching the part where you fly up, you can go to your left and get the secret achievement “First Handshake”.

Go through the left door:

Grab the president and place him in the middle:


Basketball Player
  • Score 20 points playing basketball.

You have to score 20 points playing Basketball.


I Forgot Something
  • Return to the office from the garage via the pipe.

Get into the garage and return through the exit.


A World of Pane
  • Break all the windows in the headquarters.

For this achievement, you have to break all windows in the main room, the office and the garage. The windows to break are marked in the following screenshots:

Main room:




Secret Passage
  • Find the secret passage hidden in the headquarters.

The secret passage is a hidden room within the headquarters that you can activate by using the lever within the aquarium in the office. It will open up a door that you can go through to get the achievement:

First Call

Trained and Ready!
  • Complete the “First Call” mission.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.


Break It All Down
  • Destroy 25 disappearing environmental objects in the city.

Take a fast car and drive over benches and lanterns and destroy your envinronment.
This achievement will pop up once you’ve done enough.


  • Score 20 goals for one of the teams on the soccer field.

Go to the soccer field and score 20 goals for one team.


  • Jump off the trampoline into the water in the city.

This is not a trampoline that they are talking about, this is the ramp that jumps you to the freight ship. Go full GTA V style and jump over it for this achievement.


Another Ship
  • Get to the bow of the ship.

Titanic reference – get to the top of the freighter and recreate the Rose and Jack scene


Back in TIme
  • Go up to 88 mph in any car.

Take any fast car and try to drive it straight into one direction without much steering. This will most likely pop up when trying to go for Alley-oop.


I’m On Top of The World!
  • Climb the highest accessible point in the city!

There is an office building in the world that has a lift that you can use to go up. It’s recommended to use the car with the ladder to get up. Nonetheless, you will have to climb your way up till you reach the top of the antenna.

  • Get to the capybaras’ party.

It’s the same office building that was mentioned for “I’m on top of the world” – You can use cable railway to get down to a roof with a swimming pool full of capybaras.


It Aint Much But It’s Honest Work
  • Climb the bridge and discover that it was all for nothing.

There is 4 ways to get up in the following difficulties:

  • Jump on the plane on the office building that you climbed to get on top of the world and release yourself on the bridge to trigger the achievement
  • [Climbing] the bridge up (it’s easier using the steel beams as stairs and taking a break)
  • [Very Pro] Use the bridge cable and balance up

Fire Fighting

Save the Pizza
  • Complete the “Fire Fighting” mission.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

Clear Clogs

Pressurized Maze
  • Solve the puzzle with the ball in the sewers.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

I’m Your Plumber
  • Complete the “Clear Clogs” mission.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

Find Cats

Not Even a Scratch
  • Complete the “Find Cats” mission.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

Turn Power Off

  • Get an shock from electrical field.

Go through an electrical field and get shocked


Give Me More Buttons
  • Solve the button puzzle on the power station.

Solve the puzzle with the 5 cameras. It will change every time but the order goes from left side to right side. The combination is shown on camera slot 3 and 5.


Tiny Power Plant
  • Complete the “Power Off” mission.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

Stop the Train

  • Fall off a train.

Just fall off from the train 🙂


Stop the Damn Train
  • All we had to do was stop the damn train, CJ!

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

Restore Power

Let There Be Light!
  • Complete the “Power On” mission.

Mission objective, you can’t miss this achievement.

Fix the Ship

There is no achievements in this mission right now.

The achievements you can get within the city are explained within Chapter First Call

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