Splitgate: How to Get “Trickster” Achievement

A guide explaining what the Trickster Achievement is in Splitgate, and how to get it.



I’m assuming that you are here because you need help getting the Trickster Achievement, well, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Trickster Achievement?

Trickster is an Achievement awarded to you when an opponent with full health must go through your portal, and then fall to their death as a result.

Earning the achievement

1: Find a map with portal pads that are out of bounds (I found this easiest to do on Olympus and Foregone Destruction) (Images Below)

2: Place a portal that links between you and the out of bounds pad

3: Wait until an enemy gets near you and starts fighting you

4: Go through your portal, hopefully, the enemy will follow.

5: If the enemy went through your portal, they will most likely die from falling out of bounds, if not, repeat the steps above.

6: Once you have obtained a portal kill, wait until the end of the round and then the achievement will be awarded to you.

I hope this guide helps! Good Luck!

The spot on Forgone Destruction:

The spot on Olympus:

By Drift

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