Stormworks Build and Rescue: How to Edit the Vehicles in Workshop Missions

There is a way to edit the vehicles in the workshop missions. This step-by-step guide will help you achieve this. If you are going to re-upload someone else’s vehicle, please give them credit, where credit is due.


How to Edit the Vehicles in Workshop Missions

Step 1 – Modded Workbench

Disclaimer – This method only works on Windows Computers. I have tried on Mac, but it won’t work.

Most likely, if you are editing a mission vehicle, you will need a larger workspace. Here’s how:
Step 1: Go to your library, where there is a settings icon. Click it, and go to Properties, Browse Local Files.
Step 2: Once you are in the files, go to rom> data> tiles. Scroll down to Island_15, the XML Document.
Step 3: Right click, and select edit.
Step 4: Scroll down to almost halfway, where it says <edit_area>
Step 5: Set the grid size to “0” and change the size to whatever you like. For example:
<size x=”130″ y=”100″ z=”130″/>
Step 6: Select file>save.

Now you have your modded workbench.

Step 2 – Adding the Vehicles

Step 1: Go to your “Browse Local Files” and go to the “steamapps” folder, which is back a folder.
Step 2: Click on workshop>content.
Step 3: There is a six digit number folder that is different for everyone. Click on it.
Step 4: Go through the strange labeled folders that are ridiculous 10 digit numbers until you find the
one you want.
Step 5: Click on “playlist”
Step 6: Copy every file in that folder.
Step 7: Go to the steam folder
Step 8: Go to steamapps>common>Stormworks
Step 9: Go to rom>data>preset_vehicles_advanced
Step 10: paste all the files into that folder and relaunch the game.

Now, you should have the vehicle you want to edit.

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