Stormworks Build and Rescue: Sawyer Island Tile Map (New DLC Update)

Since old version of Sawyer Islands map was outdated, I made my version including tile markers like Toddy Mountain and others.


Sawyer Island Tile Map

Pay attention that all naming of tiles written BELOW tile image
Some facts about this map:

  • This map was made using screenshots from addon editor
  • Cutted tile from 1080p screenshot is about 248*248 pixels square
  • Ready fullscreen map dimensions is 8880*4440 including gaps between tiles for text
  • This map have written markers in the name of tile (for example mega_island_8_3 White Sound)
  • Some tile textures that lies in game files are broken, by that I mean that some of tiles are roughly one pixel more or less higher than 248, that’s why we have weird map stripes (image below)

Fullscreen map image:

“Broken” map example:

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