Stranded Alien Dawn: All Achievements Guide (25/25)

Here is a short guide on how to get all 25 achievements in Stranded Alien Dawn.


Public Achievements:

Research a Technology at the Research Desk

I call her Vera

Craft a weapon on the Workbench.

There and back again

Return of a survivor from an expedition “with the Hotair Ballon“.

Four walls, floor and a roof

Build a house with at least 4 walls, a floor and a roof.


Generate electricity. “Solar, Wind or Generator“.

Winter is going]

Survive a winter in Sobrius.

Sounds of

Destroy an insect nest. There is a Reddish Stone to attack.

Getting the hang of this
Survive 3 years. “also the third year complete”.

Pillow filler

Plant clothblossom. Blossoms white in late summer, just research it when you find it and grow it.

I am selling these fine leather jackets

Craft a leather armor set at the Talor bench

Eight mates

Have 8 survivors. 8 survivors is currently the maximum number of settlers you can have.

Mushrooms hunter

Collect glitter caps mushrooms.


Build a synthetic armor setat the Tailor bench

Fairly competent

One of your survivors must have a skill level of 10.

Full of hot air

Build a Hotair Balloon.

Better than nothing

Build a shelter. whether scrap metal or stick.

No animal harmed

Craft veggie leather at the work bench


Lord bless Charlie Mopps

brew beer in a fermentation barrel.

Tower Defense 101

Build an Automatet turret. no matter which of the three

On the origin of species

Beobachte eine Pflanze oder ein Tier.

Secret Achievements

As I said, I put the secret ones in a box for you, just go to the black bar with the cursor and read “at the Ghost Watchers Guide asked why the achievements are blacked out, so the note” :P.

Calling Home
Under “Science” build the Orbital Radio.

Gone !!!
Have a survivor flee the planet via the “Landing Spot”.

The littel things
Print one carbon nanotube with the “3D Printer”.

Meat mania
Print Meat once with the “3D Printer” “I found the blueprint on an expedition”.

I do, I did
Get two survivors to marry. For the celebration you need a “Wedding arch” .

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