Street Legal 1: REVision – Cheat Codes

Game’s cheat codes.


Cheat Codes

Open the console (tilde key), and type these in to activate!
Most cheats can be deactivated by entering them again.

Cheats must be activated while in the relevant section of the game.
Cheats and console commands are all case-sensitive.

Tip: Use arrow keys to browse command history!

Garage: Mechanic Mode

Install any engine and any wheels on any car.

Remove parts without disassembly required.

Part mover – click parts to move them into different/silly positions.
Click the chassis for an option to reset all.
Part position/rotation axis can be individually reset by right-clicking the value readout.

Garage: Painter Mode

Machine gun mode for decals.
Select a decal, then input the cheat.
You’ll be automatically switched to spray mode, with the previously selected decal effectively serving as the nozzle effect.
Change nozzle to disable.

Sprinkle rice onto your ricemobile!
Select the “Oval” nozzle, and go crazy with the mouse!
Creates a somewhat crayon-like effect when drawing normal lines.

Scales spray size and lowers intensity based on distance between camera and sprayed surface.
Select a non-default nozzle to spray psychedelic candy patterns!
Darker colors have stronger effect! Cheat effects disabled at below 1m distance.

Car Market / Car Lot

Disables first person mode lock-out.
Press F1 like normal to toggle the mode.
Car purchases/selection are non-functional in this mode.
Maps are obviously not designed for this mode either!
Just something for a bit of janky fun 🙂

Race Setup

Display a dynamic ‘best route’ line.
You can right-click intersections to adjust it’s course to your preference.
Right-click the same intersection again to remove the added ‘control points’.

Change the position of the starting line by holding Shift on click.

RACEMEWITH <filename>
Input a name of a saved car alongside the cheat, to change what the current opponent is driving.
Exmaple: “RACEMEWITH superaxis”.
To save a car, use the “savecar” console command.
This cheat cannot be undone for the current opponent!

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