Strumpets Cheats (Saves Editing without CE)

Strumpets is a free adult game about prostitution made by Meismike and Sismicious. here is a guide (Credit to bugmenot1425) on how to edit your saves without using Cheat Engine.


How to Cheat  by Editing Your Saves

Being Strumpets a Flash game, you can easily edit your save without using CE.

1) Close the game after the new day starts (the game should autosave at dawn, if I am not mistaken)
2) Here’s is the trickiest step: locate your save (Google is your friend). It depends on how you play the game (on your browser, through the standalone Flash Player projector, etc) and on your operative system. It is a .sol file, inside a sub-folder of a folder named “#SharedObjects”. For instance, if you have downloaded the game and you have opened it through the standalone projector, on Win7 the save should be in:
C:\Users\[Your Profile]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[Random Name]\[Game Path]
3) Go to Minerva (it is an online sol editor)
4) Click “Open” and upload your save
5) Edit the values

The stats of your characters are stored in the array gstats (zero is the MC, 1 is the first Strumpet you have bought and so on). Every gstats item is another array: 0: name, 1: mood, 2: health, 3-8: stats (strength, intelligence, confidence, obedience, beauty, skill), 9-11: traits (e.g. Jock, Strong, etc.).
The skills are stored in the array gskill; 0-5: foraging, combat, wisdom, dancing, cooking, nursing.
The physical aspect and the clothes are stored in the arrays glook and gclothes1

6) Click “Save” to download the new .sol file
7) Replace your old save with the new one (pro-tip: backup the old save)
8) Re-open Strumpets

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