Submerged: All Collectibles Map

Map showing the location of all the collectibles in the game.


Map of collectibles
The easiest way to find everything is to use this map:


  • To find secrets on the red buildings, you will need to explore alternate routes. They are quite complicated to describe, but not very hard to find.
  • Landmarks are the pencil-scribbled icons on the map. They are pretty much impossible to miss if you just play the game and / or look for secrets.
  • Animals are similarly hard to miss, because they are everywhere; the only exception is the humpback whale which needs a lot of room and lives near the edges of the map. I found it in the southwest corner, near the crooked TV tower.
  • There is one secret on top of the clock tower where you start, which is easy to miss on the screenshot.

By basilisk

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