Subnautica: How to Customize Your PDA photos

This tutorial helps you on how to add custom images to your Subnautica PDA. These images can be used on picture frames in your base or in the Neptune rocket’s time capsule.


1. Taking a screenshot in-game

Take a screenshot in Subnautica by pressing F11 (default key). We’ll be replacing that screenshot with your custom image.

2. Opening Subnautica’s game folder

Go to your Steam library, right-click Subnautica, go to “Manage” and “Browse local files”.

3. Locating your world’s screenshots folder

Once in your Subnautica folder, guide yourself to your world’s screenshots folder:

> SNAppData
> SavedGames

Once there, select the world where you want your image to show up. Note that you might have multiple worlds, thus the files. The world names are generated in order with the oldest being “slot0000” and newer ones “slot0001”, “slot0002”, “slot0003” etc.

After finding your desired world, open it and head over to:

> screenshots

4. Replacing the screenshot

Find the latest screenshot (the one you took at step 1) and copy it’s name. After that delete the screenshot, drag your custom image to the folder and rename it with the name you copied.

Note that the screenshots are in .jpg form, so renaming your custom image may or may not change it’s original file type, and if it does, it shouldn’t matter.

If you haven’t already, close and re-open Subnautica to see the photo in your PDA’s gallery.

Now you shall participate in a minuscule amount of tomfoolery with your newfound abilities!

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