Sumire: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide to help anyone who want 100% Achievement on this game.



Warning: This guide contained SPOILER.

This guide consist of 2 sections.
1. Simple Achievements for achievements that have Self-Explanatory or normally unlocks on playthrough the story.
2. Complex Achievements for achievements that need specific task to get it.

Simple Achievements

1. My Journey Has Begun
Just leave the house!
2. Crossing Alone [Hidden]
Cross the Cold Stream.
3. One Wish [Hidden]
Make a wish at the shrine.
4. Go to Town [Hidden]
Get into town in the morning.
5. Send a Letter
Send a letter to someone special.
6. Dark Places [Hidden]
Make it out of the Tanaka House.
7. The Last Bus [Hidden]
Take the last bus of the day.
8. A Nice Cup of Tea [Hidden]
Buy tea from Teaman.
9. Sushi on the Rocks
Catch a fish at the red bridge.
10. One Day, One Life
Finish the game.
11. A Perfect Day
Finish the whole list with high karma.
12. Worst Day Ever
Finish the day with super low karma.
13. Better Than the Boys
Beat Kenji and Bo at their own games.
14. My Lucky Day
Get all 5 gachapon from the gachapon machine.
15. My Secret Wish [Hidden]
Return to the shrine after lunch and make a special wish.
16. I’m Proud of You
Get all of the achievements.

Complex Achievements

1. Help a Turtle
Help the turtle achieve his goal.

  • Accept Rabbit’s task
  • Pick up Turtle but send him to The big stone near Sumire’s house.

2. A Helpful Soul
Complete tasks for all creatures and people.
*There are 10 tasks in total order by in-game To Do list.

  • Cat – Pick up Bell-shape flower and give it to Cat.
  • Scarecrow – Give Kenji’s hat to Scarecrow before lunch.
  • Stone jizo [Buddha Statues] – Buy Little coat from Chie’s mom shop and give it to Stone jizo.
  • Frog – Talk to Spider after lunch to get fly and give it to Frog.
  • Stationery Sale-woman – Give letter set to Teaman.
  • Bo – Delivery Bo’s card to Jonny’s waitress and delivery poster back to Bo.
  • Postman – Give Blessed Honey Jar set to Onsen Lady.
  • Snake – Talk to Hose near Tanaka’s house if it said doesn’t want to meet don’t pick it up talk to it again later until it said want to meet pick it and give it to Snake.
  • Rabbit [Turtle] – Accept Rabbit’s task go pick up Turtle but send him to The big stone near Sumire’s house.
  • Tire bird [Parrot] – On afternoon go to baseball field and interact to trie. Tire bird will show up and give you task go to Stationery shop to get Chalk and give it to Tire bird.

3. Lie, Cheat and Steal
Lie to someone, help the rabbit cheat, steal some money.

  • Steal Mom’s money from her bag in her bedroom.
  • Lie to Kenji about Chie.
  • Accept Rabbit’s task and do it – Pick up Turtle and send him back to Rabbit.

4. Cash in the Bank
Find all the scattered coins.
*There are 13 coins in total order by found sequences.

  • On the right-most side of Sumire’s House.
  • Beside the big stone near Sumire’s House.
  • On the bottom side of wheelborrow on Rice field.
  • On the bottom side of between Rice field and Peaches tree.
  • Beside the Windmill stone pile near river.
  • On the right side of the Wisteria tree entrance.
  • On the right side of the entrance to the Old shrine (Between entrance to the Old shrine and Karma Lizard).
  • On the left side of the small shrine and Frog.
  • In front of Jonny’s restaurant.
  • On Baseball field.
  • On the right side of the playground trash can near shady bench.
  • In front of the left door of Tanaka’s house.
  • On the Bottom-most side of bus stop near the tea shop.

5. Catch a Blue Shoe
Someone lost and something found.

  • On option “Heal or Poison”. Choose poison to the girl with Blue shoe.
  • Go fishing on The Red bridge until you get Blue shoe.

6. I Hate People
Finish the day without helping any people.

  • Just don’t complete any tasks.
  • Excepts Cat since it is tutorial.

7. A Long Walk
Finish the game with the most minimal number of Fast Travels.

  • Don’t use fast travel on this playthrough on your owns.
  • Excepts one time. when you already asked Kenji for help and done retrieved red shoe near bench. You have to activate fast travel to Wisteria tree by your own.

8. I’m Not Ready [Hidden]
Refuse Kenji’s kiss.
*PS. I got this on Good Karma route. Didn’t test it on Bad Karma route or win against Kenji conditions.

  • On secret hideout tell Kenji you need Kiss as reward.
  • Lose the game against him.
  • Choose option “I’m Not Ready”.

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