Super Animal Royale: How to Eat Bananas

How to eat a banana. if you didn’t know.


Part 1: The Basics

Okay, so your here to learn how to eat a banana, but first let’s go over the befits. So in SAR we super animals die fast, so we need to heal. But I hate health juice, it has our animal brethren in it! So we can eat slip bananas!

Part 2: Setting up

Okay, now that you know the basics it’s time to get ready. Banana eating requires special cutting edge, high-tech banana eating technology. Sadly they like to hide. So get looking, were looking for the banana forks.Now once you’ve grabbed ’em, grab some bananas, chop grass, break some creates, you have eyes get looking!

Part 3: Eating bananas

Okay, you’ve done the easy part. Now it’s the time you’ve worked so hard for. Eating the banana.
Press “4” to or scroll to the banana in your grenade slot, aim, through. Run to the banana and don’t slip. Then press the key/button prompted.

Part 4: Conclusion

You are done. Congratulations you’ve eaten a banana, repeat the steps above if you need to eat another one. Thank you for reading this. Again stay safe in this super world.

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