Super Animal Royale: Power Ups Guide

I will still say my opinion about the power-ups here, and even so the guide is small. And so, we are starting!


1. CupUpgrade / Golden cup of juice
This cup allows….. and so, the drum roll…… it just heals faster(heals). That is, when you drink juice, firstly you drink from a golden cup, secondly you are treated 25% faster. And logically, the juice is also taken away 25% faster. In my opinion, one of the coolest upgrades/powerups. I can’t say anything more about the opinion

(You probably already understood this, but I’ll write it down anyway) You can still see the golden Bowl when you drink juice.(which is logical)
When you start drinking juice, a different sound is produced, and when you continue too.(personally, these sounds are pleasant to my ears)

2. Boots with claws
These shoes allow you to automatically mow it when you walk on the grass. +They also allow you not to slip on the ice. They double the chance of knocking something out of the grass, These shoes, like all powerups, are somehow visible from the outside, well, it’s obvious that they appear on your legs when you put them on. Sooooo useful item in the snow biome, and especially in the penguin palace. I advise all fans of figure skating.

3. Ninja Boots
These boots allow you to sneak on your heels almost without sound(on the CTRL key), or rather 50% noiseless. +12% of the running speed is not only squatting. The same as with shoes with claws, that is, these shoes are visible. In my opinion, the subject for solo is just perfect, but it is almost not used. In principle, I advise, well, not very, average.

4. Banana fork and knife
These cutlery allow you to eat bananas, and b + that from eating bananas is given about a quarter of hp, that is, 6 bananas from 1 to full hp will be enough. Here you have devices hanging beautifully around your neck and suddenly a yellow circle appears near the level of your legs, and it flashes . In my opinion, it is a very cool item, and it saves rats against traps, and you can use it as a quick hill / treatment.

5. A flask with poison
This flask with poison that frankly resembles a knife. In short, if you hit an opponent with a melee weapon, then this flask is sent as from an unreadable gun with a dart at the moment. (For weapons with a dart, if something was done less damage in a recent update, I wrote a guide on 30.05.2020) When you are wearing a flask, you can see a bottle of poison, your character has a circle on his neck, too, below your animal that sometimes flashes. In my opinion, it’s very cool for trolling, and so, on average, rarely anyone uses it, and usually if he uses it, then he(a) is a cybercotlet (cybersportsman).
When you hit with a melee, a different sound of impact, as if water was splashed on the microphone.

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