SuperPowered: How to Increase Grades (Night City Productions)

Here is a simple tutorial on how to increase grades in the SuperPowered game.


How to Increase Grades

The weekly period for grades is Friday morning until Thursday evening. Your grade is updated Friday morning on Billy’s stats page and officially reported on Saturday morning at month end.
There are four basic ways to earn grade increases: critical success taking a class grants a point, being tutored adds 3 points, study at college library adds 3 points, and self study adds 1 point. If you haven’t earned at least 5 points so far this week, self-study grants a second point.

  • Tutoring costs $25 and 20 energy.
  • Studying at college costs either energy, cash, or Favor to get there plus 40 energy. It is only open Saturdays and Sundays during the Day and Afternoon periods.
  • Self study costs 40 energy.
  • Taking a class costs 20 energy, but critical successes are random and somewhat rare.

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