SuperPowered Night City All Console Commands (V 0.44)

SuperPowered is an RPG game made with Ren’py developed by Night City Productions, The latest version is 0.44.04, which is released in July 2021. here are all console commands for you to cheat in the current version. enjoy the game.


SuperPowered Game All Console Commands

for multiple cheat use <; >
x = the number value you want

Player affecting cheats = x
player.reflex = x
player.stoicism = x
player.leadership = x
player.persuasion = x
player.personality = x
player.awareness = x
player.reasoning = x
player.concentration = x = x
player.alignment = x = x
player.interactions = x (charm)
Player.SB = x
SB = Social Bonus (same amount of interactions. Increases the power of some things)
Player.PB = x
PB = Physical Bonus
player.MB= x
MB = Mental Bonus
player.resistance = x
grade = x
player.power_FLY=x Flight (max 3)
player.power_XRY=x Senses (max 3 1=start)
player.power_CHA=x Psychoism (max 3)
player.power_MAN=x Sympathic Link (max 3)
player.power_APP=x Polymorphism (max 3)
player.power_WIT=x Mind Control (max 3)

Player Reputation
player.reputation=### (Global Influence)

Here's a list of all the girls console identifier
a: Allie - [Chemistry]​
ag: Agisha - [unknown]​
an: Anne - not added [Globex Pharm]​
ao: Aio - [unknown]​
ch: Chelsea - basketball​
cu: Courtney - not added [logistic]​
d: Denise - [Art]​
dan: Danni - [Sister's friend]​
der: Derek - [unknown]​
fred: Freddy - [mom's sex toy]​
i: Dr. Ivy - not added​
js: Jules - not added​
k: Kelly - [Debate]​
m: Mom - [house]​
mm: Manners - [unknown]​
my: Mary - [yearbook]​
n: Nikki - [fitness]​
pl: Principal Larson​
px: Pixie - [unknown]​
s: Sophie - [Mom's friend]​
sam: Samantha - [Biology]​
sd: Sandra - [swimming]​
sis: Sister - [house]​
su: SuLynn [community college]​
t: Terri - [computer]​
tam: Tamara - [story]​
ts: Terrorstrike - [unknown]​

Girl affecting cheats (replace  with girl's console identifier)
.vitality = x
.willpower = x
.favor = x
.love = x
.lust = x
.fear = x
.anger = x
.inhibitions = x
.suspicion = x
player.perk_wellendowed = True
Inhibitions means lower is better

Girl Mental Affecting Cheats
(do this for family members)

NPC Mental diagnosis Cheats
.reprogram='professional ally+'
.suppress='family ties'
.reprogram='sex bot+'
.reprogram='personal assistant+'

time affecting cheats. doesn't change the locations and actions available at that time so allows going to Globex during the morning when used during the Afternoon or Day. The reason for these is it doesn't change the location just the time without going through the transition.
phase = 'Morning'
phase = 'Day'
phase = 'Afternoon'
phase = 'Night'
weekday = '[Insert day here with capital letter first letter]'

call adv_time​
advance the time (can reset the time to morning)​

call adv_day​
advance the day​

story1.tamara_suspicious = None

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