Tactics Ogre Reborn: Magic Leaf Early Farming Method

Want Magic Leaf? You can’t buy it. Can’t craft it. Have to farm it. Here’s one way to farm it fairly early in the game.


The Place: Phorampa Wildwood – Adventurer’s Gap

You must go to Adventurer’s Gap in the Phorampa Wildwood for this method.

How do you get there? Go into the Warren report and select “Talk” after every story battle until there’s an article about it. It’s a great place to tame griffins and dragons, too. Once you have the Wildwood unlocked, you’re good to go.

The Technique: Enter Battle, Navigate to Square… Run Away, and Repeat
It doesn’t have to be a griffin. It doesn’t have to be alone. It doesn’t have to be the first available turn. But this way is pretty fast. Try a character that quickly gets moving (like a griffin), and when setting up your squad, try to place them in the most extreme upper left of the deployment area (that’s in the lower right corner pre-battle). You don’t have to send them out alone, but others might delay things.

You’re not trying to win. You’re trying to farm a hidden item.

Take your unit to this exact square in this little nook. End their turn on that exact square.
Now, the item you find there isn’t always Magic Leaf. Sometimes, there’s Mend Leaf. Sometimes, there are crafting materials like logs or other herbs. But this spot is easy to get to from where you start the battle; it’s on a battlefield that resets very easily; and it’s dead easy to automate should you choose to do so.

Once you exit the battlefield following a retreat, go back in. The item you just collected stays in your inventory. The spot you just looted will have a new item once you start another battle there. The enemies around the battlefield won’t usually reach you before your retreat, and it wouldn’t matter very much even if they did.

The Conclusion: Why Make This Guide?

Now, I know what you may be thinking… Why make a guide for something so simple?

I couldn’t find anything straightforward, and to the point enough, about how to get more of this particular item and in this version of the game to date, and when I figured out a way to get them fairly consistently for the Reborn version, I felt obligated to share it.

There may be more efficient methods out there to get Magic Leaf or another MP restorative, but this was the way that seemed the most straightforward and simple to implement from the early and mid-game chapters, and Magic Leaf is used in crafting more advanced items, too.

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