Being a DIK: All Vault Codes & Where to Enter (Episode 1-10)

Here is a complete list of vault codes in Being a DIK, updated to Episode 10 currently.   Being a DIK Vault Codes Each code can only work for the corresponding version of the game. Episode10: 8313 (New!) Episode 9: 4232 Interlude: 2575 Episode 8: 3211 Episode 7: 1159 Episode … Read More

Being a DIK: All Special Renders Season 1&2

Here is a guide on how to get all renders in each episode.   Introduction The phone app gather many additional pictures in a gallery: 3D renderings are revealed by spotting hidden magazines and completing the Pack Quests in free roam locations, by entering Vault codes, by passing the minigames … Read More

Being a DIK: All Mansions Renovation (Round 1-10)

Here are all mansions renovation in Being a DIK.   Round 1 Note: from the very beginning to the maximum, we buy a Dumpster perk, and then we start with $17. Main Party Room: John Boy and Rusty Left Stairway: Leon, Derek and Tommy Stairway: Jacob and Jamie WC: MC … Read More

Being a DIK: Status, Affinity and Major Choices

Here are some Status, Affinity and Major Choices in Being a DIK.   Affinity and Status Status It changes depending on the normal choices, like peeking at a girls ass or your answers. The score is updated at specific checkpoints (like free roam scenes) during the game; you will be … Read More

Being a DIK: Pack Quest

Episode 6 Air conditioner : A black dot on the air conditioner in Tommy’s room The biggest vein : Branching off from the main hall is a giant drawing of a ♥♥♥♥ on the wall, its on the top vein Enjoy : Chinese food box on the floor of the … Read More