Being a DIK: Pack Quest

Episode 6
Air conditioner : A black dot on the air conditioner in Tommy’s room

The biggest vein : Branching off from the main hall is a giant drawing of a ♥♥♥♥ on the wall, its on the
top vein

Enjoy : Chinese food box on the floor of the kitchen that reads “Enjoy!”

Here’s Johnny : Into the right hall, if you get the reference its easy from there, if not its at the tip of the axe’s handle on the wall

The white king : Above Rusty is a painting of a white lion, or the KING of the jungle

Employee of the month : Derek has a trophy for employee of the month in his room

The travel pillow : Jacobs grey/white pillow on his bed

The intact keg : There’s a few kegs, but the intact one is the one at Leon’s bedside

The wick : Candle in your room, click on the wick

7:30 : After all the dialogues, the clock on the laptop will change to 7:30

Episode 7
Quest pack at the HOT’s party.

44 dB – Karen’s hearing aid next to the girl’s clothes in the Basement.

Bad Girls – In Riona and Camilla’s room, it’s on Camilla’s side of the room look at the text “NICE GIRLS FINISH LAST BAD GIRLS FINISH FAST” It’s the A in BAD.

Sounds like a trumpet – Elena’s and Lily’s room, on Elena’s side of the room the painting of the elephant, the tip of its trunk.

Smell of the Sahara – Sage’s room painting of the tiger. Tip of its nose.

Marine Time – Quinn’s room, book on her dresser.

Omicron – The Hot Poster Above Josy

Ember – The Fire in the Sauna

Wings of a Butterfly – Butterfly picture next to John Boy, Elena, and the Two Girls.

Crab stick – Arieths room, Tip of dildo.

1 – Josy’s and Heather’s room, Foam finger on the mug.

Episode 8
Bullseye – Corridor #2, front-left door, dartboard

Disco! – Corridor #1, front-left door, disco ball

Eat up – Bathroom, third stall from left, gloryhole

Fluffy & brown – Corridor #3, back-left door, bunny’s nose

Heart – Corridor #3, front-right door, heart on right wall

Illuminated – Illuminati symbol outside

Linda’s favorite drink – Corridor #2, front-right door, soda can on the floor to the left

Night with a K – Corridor #1, back-right door, knight poster

Olive drink – Corridor #2, back-left door, martini on table

Rooster remnants – Cathy flyer on the bulletin board in Corridor #1

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