Being a DIK: Status, Affinity and Major Choices

Here are some Status, Affinity and Major Choices in Being a DIK.


Affinity and Status


It changes depending on the normal choices, like peeking at a girls ass or your answers.
The score is updated at specific checkpoints (like free roam scenes) during the game; you will be notified when it happens. You can see the seven possible values in the picture.


Affinity is the sum of your major choices. It’s changed only by major choices. It sets the limits on the value that status can get.
Possible values: D.I.K.Neutral or Chick.
The Affinity is new calculated after every major choice. As long as the difference between D.I.K. and Chick major choices is not greater than 1 the status stays neutral.

Every time you make a major Chick choice, one bar will be removed from the D.I.K. side. The same is vice versa.

In this example it’s no longer possible to reach a massive D.I.K. status, because there have been too much major Chick choices.

Major Choices

The season guides are very helpful and totally worth their money. The page numbers are references to the pages in the guides.

  1. Fight Troy (Ep 1, page 40)
  2. Quinns restaurant (Ep 1, 45)
  3. Steve in the Mini-mart (Ep 2, 60)
  4. Fight the Alphas or run. (Ep 2, 62)
  5. Party without limits at the Pink Rose (Ep 3, 80)
  6. Jade (Ep 3, 84)
  7. Smoke and have fun with Quinn (Ep 4,113)
  8. Fight Caleb (Ep 5 ,page 13), only possible, if you did fight the Alphas at mayor choice 4.
  9. Punch Tybalt (Ep 5, 23)
  10. Fight Tommy (Ep 6, 38)
  11. Go with Tommy’s fake ID to McAllens bar (Ep 6, 64)
  12. Pink Rose or eldery home (Ep 7, 70)
  13. Make the Alphas leave the HOT’s party. (Ep 7, 78)
  14. Dereks revenge (Ep 8, 108)
  15. Cheating at the midterms (Ep 8, 116)

Going for a neutral status and affinity from start to end is not easy and shouldn’t be your first playthrough.
The path with the most erotic scenes is a D.I.K. affinity and a massive D.I.K. status.

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