BIGFOOT: Redwood Park 5.0 Map (Safe Codes, Dead Bodies, etc)

Welcome to Redwood National Park! This is the first map created for the 4.0 update, but it’s not 4.0 anymore, it’s 5.0! The 5.0 update has changed some things in Redwood, like the Graphics and Layout (All the locations and trails stayed the same) so I figured I should do … Read More

BIGFOOT: All Locations (Yellowstone, Redwood, Winter Park)

This guide will show you all the locations for the following maps: Yellowstone, Redwood, Winter Park   Yellowstone Locations I went over this map for over an hour at least just searching for the last location. I only ended up discovering the waterfall I had been missing after being chased … Read More

BIGFOOT Guide (Map, Characters, Weapons and Ammo)

A basic guide on hunting the big beast known as “Bigfoot”. In this guide I’ll list helpful locations for items and weapons.   Game Map This is the map for the game, as you can see it shows all the locations in the game. I recommend discovering all of them, … Read More