BIGFOOT: Winterland Map Guide (All Safes, Codes, Totems, Dead Bodies and Weapons)

Winterland Map: All Safes, Codes, Totems, Dead Bodies and Weapons!


All Safes and Code Spawns

Yellow Safe and Code

The easiest way is to use the safe just south of the trailer at the High Mountain Lodge .

Number 1: Right in front of the house on the bank

Number 2: Use the funicular to the the south. Slide down and the Code is on the table

Number 3: Old Hunting Tower

Number 4: Harbor Campground

Now you can use the AVM

Green Safe and Code

Walk to the Howel Branch Creek Lodge in the south of the Map

Now there are 4 places where the Code can spawn!

Number 1: Right outside of the house on the bank

Number 2: Go to the west to the Old Hunting Tower 1

Number 3: Go to the east to the Red Tail Campground

Number 4: Shelter 3 – west of the Howel Branch Creek Lodge

Now you can use the M4CL

Red Safe and Code

For the last Safe you have to go to the North to the Bearpaw Creek Lodge

Number 1: On the shelf in the lodge

Number 2: At the Old Hunting Tower 3

Now you can use the Dynamit

Daniel Robbins

Jane Creek Lodge

Adam Falls

Alexa Thorton

Between Ward Campground and Old Hunting Tower 4

Between Shelter 1 and Old Hunting Tower 4

Ethan Drake

North of Ward Campground

On the highest mountain by the pavilion


The shrine is located south of Winter Park

Weapon spawns

Northwest in the Wind Cave is a shotgun (R800)

A shotgun (R800) hangs over the bed at Jane Creek Lodge

In the Bearpaw Creek Lodge on the right at the entrance there is a sniper rifle (R700)

West in the Plato’s Cave in the tent is a sniper rifle (R700)

In the middle of the Winter Park in the largest building on the first floor there is a pistol (G17)

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