BIGFOOT: All Locations (Yellowstone, Redwood, Winter Park)

This guide will show you all the locations for the following maps: Yellowstone, Redwood, Winter Park


Yellowstone Locations

I went over this map for over an hour at least just searching for the last location. I only ended up discovering the waterfall I had been missing after being chased by the big ape himself. So thanks Bigfoot I guess…

Redwood Locations

This map took a bit longer to explore than Yellowstone did due to the large amount of trees and bushes. In the end I ended up discovering the lone cave to the right only after searching for bodies in my quest for the “Redwood Criminologist” achievement.

Winter Park Locations

This map while a bit harder to navigate didn’t take as long as I thought it would with the last location only taking about 30 minutes to find. Surprisingly, the bodies were harder to find than the locations for this map despite there being only 3 of them. (Found one of them lying inside a bush).

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