Deep Rock Galactic: Driller’s Secondary Guide (Season 3 Updated)

Guide to the driller’s secondary, after season 3.   Introduction The Subata 120 is the first secondary for the driller. Unlike the other secondaries who focus on some utility and crowd control, this gun focuses on single target/burst damage. This is something that the driller is usually lacking, as all … Read More

Deep Rock Galactic: Weapon Guide 2022

This is a guide I’ve made to consolidate all my knowledge of DRG’s weapon assortment in search for the best and worst weapons, and their respective overclocks, for each of the 4 classes. The guide also submits a number of builds that I consider to be the best in terms … Read More

Deep Rock Galactic: Hazard 5 Loadouts (Season 1 Update)

This guide will cover loadouts, to all classes, for players that wish to achieve high “Rock and Stone” levels on Hazard 5.   Driller C4 Guide Drills in-Depth[] Experimental Plasma Charger – A Comprehensive Guide Common Choices: Satchel Charge: B,A,A,C EPC (Persistent Plasma OC): A,A,B,B,C Use your C4 to clear terrain. For … Read More