Deep Rock Galactic: Hazard 5 Loadouts (Season 1 Update)

This guide will cover loadouts, to all classes, for players that wish to achieve high “Rock and Stone” levels on Hazard 5.



Common Choices:

  • Satchel Charge: B,A,A,C
  • EPC (Persistent Plasma OC): A,A,B,B,C

Use your C4 to clear terrain. For your EPC, Persistent Plasma offers great value slow and area denial.


Play around your Sticky Flames’ slow, CRSPR’s fear. It also is very useful in Mactera’s Plague and against Rival Tech.

  • CRSPR Flamethrower (Compact Valves OC): B,C,B,A,B

Highly effective and responsive Cryo Cannon. Cold Radiance will be your primary freezing power. And please, don’t bring this weapon in a Critical Weakness mission.

  • Cryo Cannon (Improved Thermal Efficiency OC): B,A,B,C,B

Huge area denial with great corrosive status.
Charged Pump + Charged EPC is a great combo.

  • Corrosive Sludge Pump (W.I.P.): C,B,A,A,B
Elite Threat

Faster Charged Shot and more slow to control elites. Also, try to stun-lock them with the Subata.

  • Corrosive Sludge Pump (W.I.P.): C,B,A,B,A
  • Subata (Tranquilizer Rounds OC): B,B,B,A,B


Zipline Perch Strategy

Originally posted by MeatShield:

Take this loadout for Mining, Elimination, Salvage, and Escort missions.

  • Lead Storm Minigun (A Little More Omph! OC): C,B,A,A,B
  • Bulldog (Six Shooter OC): B,B,C,B,A
Originally posted by MeatShield:

Run this loadout for Egg Hunt, Point Extraction, and Refinery missions […]

  • Thunderhead Autocannon (Splintering Shells OC): B,B,B,B,A
  • BRT7 (Full Chamber Seal OC): B,A,B,C,A
Elite Threat

Slow, Fear and Electro Minelets to keep those elite in check. (Fear will only work against flying enemies).

  • Thunderhead Autocannon (Neurotoxin Payload OC): C,B,C,A,B
  • BRT7 (Electro Minelets OC): A,B,A,A,A
  • Stick Grenades (Fear)
Mactera Plague

Change Autocannon T5 to Fear and get Sticky Grenades for same effect.

  • Thunderhead Autocannon (Splintering Shells OC): B,B,B,B,B
  • BRT7 (Full Chamber Seal OC): B,A,B,C,A

Work in Progress.


Common Choices:

  • Grappling Hook: A,A,B,C
  • Flare Gun: A,B,C (more duration) or A,B,B (more ammo).
  • Cryo Grenade

Both Flare Gun builds have the same total light time and you should use animation cancelling instead of better rate of fire. Use your Cryo Nade against pack of Mactera, Breeders, Spitballers and Spawners. Also, you can freeze an Opressor and a Pretorian with 2 and 1 Cryo Nades, respectively (under normal conditions).

M1000 (Team)

Take down priority targets with focused shot. Don’t waste ammo on common bugs, unless if they’re damaging your/teammates’ health. For the bigger ones, you can 2-shot a frozen Pretorian or 2-shot + Power Attack (anyone) a frozen Opressor using your Boomstick (in Hazard 5.5, both will remain with 10 health).

  • M1000 Classic (Active Stability System OC): B,C,A,B,A
  • Boomstick (Stuffed Shells OC): B,A,C,A,B
M1000 (Solo)

Hipfire build for DPS and Boomstick for wave cleaning (you can use it against Macteras too!).

  • M1000 Classic (Minimal Clips OC): B,B,B,B,C
  • Boomstick (Stuffed Shells OC): A,B,B,A,C

Hipfire build for DPS and Boomstick for point blank weakspot shots. We’re using Hipster instead for better rate of fire and lower recoil.

  • M1000 Classic (Hipster OC): B,B,B,B,C
  • Boomstick (Jumbo Shells OC): B,A,C,C,A
  • IFG Grenade (the only grenade reliable against Dreads)
Elite Threat

Apply slow with M1000’s eletrocuting, stun and fear with Boomstick and abuse your IFG. Also, don’t try stunning Pretorians and Guards, and your fear will only work against flying bugs.

  • M1000 Classic (Eletrocuting Focus Shots OC): A,C,A,B,B
  • Boomstick (Stuffed Shells OC): A,B,A,B,B
  • IFG Grenade (the only grenade reliable against Elites)

Work in Progress.

If you want a build with GK2 and Zhukov, go here[]. I am not writing one in this guide because I find them both lackluster.


Common Choices:

  • Plataform Gun: B,A,B (Repellent based) or B,A,A (Plataform based)
  • Sentry Gun: anything except Gemini with Hawkeye (this combo doesn’t achieve the 2 hit swarmer breakpoint)
  • Deepcore PGL (RJ250 Compound OC): A,B,A,B,A
  • Serrated Edge (Power Attack)

This PGL build has great ammo efficiency and will eventualy kill ANY Grunt in a 11m sphere, while also having rocket jump in case you need it.


Great DPS and good recoil/range with Warthog.

  • Warthog (Magnetic Pellet Aligment OC): A,C,C,B,B

Great DPS and manageable recoil up to 7m (excel at point plank). Try to use burst fire/tapping at medium-long range.

  • Stubby (Well Oiled Machine OC): A,B,B,B,A

If you want to achieve the highest DPS at a cost of greatly decreasing your effective range, pick EM Refire Booster OC instead.


Unload your shotgun on armor/shell, blast their health with PGL.

  • Warthog (Cyle Overload OC): B,C,C,B,B
  • Deepcore PGL (Hyper Propellant OC): B,A,C,B,B
  • Plasma Buster (for normal bugs)
Elite Threat

Slow/Eletrocute with Stubby and stagger-lock with Breach Cutter.

  • Stubby (Well Oiled Machine OC): B,B,B,B,B
  • Breach Cutter (Spinning Death OC): A,A,B,B,C
  • Plasma Buster (for Macteras)
Smart Rifle

Work in Progress.


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