Deep Rock Galactic: How to Turn a Cave into a Nuclear Wasteland as Engineer

How to get unrivaled power in the form of 21 nuclear warheads in a couple of steps.


Portable tool of destruction and chaos

You do not have to be a host to do this, have at least one friend, so it will be easier to do it, and have RJ250 overclock and of course a FATBOY.

First, you take the RJ250 with the maximum ammo.

21 in total.

Then you join the game, and leave it. Select FATBOY overlock and join the same game.

As a result, you have 21 grenades from the RJ250 overclock, which increases the number of ammo, and FATBOY aka portable war-crime.

So now you can show these bastards with more than 2 legs (with 2 legs also) a power of little pipe with nuclear warhead.

Rock and Stone brothers and don`t get yourself killed (by your own nuke)

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