DOOM Eternal: All Daisy Locations

This guide will help you to find every location of Doom Slayer’s petΒ Daisy! πŸ‡πŸ”πŸ†   Location #1 – Hell on Earth Location #2 – Exultia Location #3 – Cultist Base Location #4 – Doom Hunter Base Location #5 – Super Gore Nest Location #6 – Arc Complex Location #7 – … Read More

DOOM Eternal: Anti-Weapon Wheel Keybinds

This guide offers a change of keybinds for keyboard and mouse to remove the need for the weapon wheel. Mitigating the use for weapon wheel allows for faster combat, but by default weapon selection is mapped to the number keys, which are too far to reach when making split-moment decisions … Read More

DOOM Eternal: All Skins & Cosmetics Guide 2021

Here is a guide on how to get all skins and cosmetics in DOOM Eternal.   Overview Most skins from past series cannot be obtained again, so assume they must be bought or cannot be obtained anymore if they are not from the current series unless otherwise noted. Twitch prime … Read More

DOOM Eternal: Khan Maykr Fighting Tips

This guide is all about fighting the Khan Maykr and some good ways you can fight her.   Who is the Khan Maykr? The Khan Maykr is the strongest Maykr of all of them, and is the leader of the Maykrs. She is a boss on Urdak, and she controls … Read More