DOOM Eternal: Anti-Weapon Wheel Keybinds

This guide offers a change of keybinds for keyboard and mouse to remove the need for the weapon wheel. Mitigating the use for weapon wheel allows for faster combat, but by default weapon selection is mapped to the number keys, which are too far to reach when making split-moment decisions on the higher difficulties.


(generally I don’t touch these but here they are just in case)

Move Forward – W
Move Backwards – S
Strafe Left – A
Strafe Right – D
Jump – SPACE
Dash – Left Shift

(these are acceptable as default pretty much)

Fire Weapon – left click
Weapon Mod – right click
Melee / Glory Kill – E
Chainsaw – C
Equipment Launcher – Left Ctrl
Flame Belch – R
Crucible / Sentinel Hammer – V

(here is where you might wanna change the things)

Switch Weapon / Weapon Wheel (Hold) – Q
Switch Weapon Mod – F
Switch Equipment – Left Alt
Next Weapon – EMPTY (you don’t need this, it’s bad for you)
Previous Weapon – EMPTY (this one is worse than the last one)
Combat Shotgun – 1
Heavy Cannon – 2
Plasma Rifle – 3
Rocket Launcher – 4
Super Shotgun – Mouse Wheel Up
Ballista – Mouse Wheel Down
Chaingun – 5
BFG-9000 . Unmakyr – Z (&/or X)

(these are fine)

Dossier – TAB
Mission Information – P
Voice Chat (Push-To-Talk) – EMPTY (unless you play BATTLEMODE)

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