DOOM Eternal: Khan Maykr Fighting Tips

This guide is all about fighting the Khan Maykr and some good ways you can fight her.


Who is the Khan Maykr?
The Khan Maykr is the strongest Maykr of all of them, and is the leader of the Maykrs. She is a boss on Urdak, and she controls the Maykr drones, some demons and generally the society of Urdak as a whole. However, she does appear in various other areas, such as Hell on Earth’s citadel and Sentinel Prime.

How do you fight her?
The Khan Maykr appears at the end of Urdak, and she must be defeated to transition to Final Sin, the last level of Doom Eternal. Since this guide is about tips for defeating her, I will not be revealing my preferred strategies and the most effective strategies until the next section.

Here’s the basics of fighting her.

You damage the Khan Maykr by aiming for the orb in the middle of her body. You must shoot it until her health bar goes down and turns orange. Once her health bar turns orange, you need to use your Meathook and Blood Punch her to send her into the next phase. She must be Blood Punched six times to be defeated.

What are some of the best strategies to fight her?
Let’s get down to YOU, the player, and how you can kill her the fastest. In my experience, the LOB (Lock-on Burst) works the best because it locks on to the center of mass, which for her is her orb. It can swiftly take down her phases if you include PB (Precision Bolt). You can obtain these upgrades by obtaining Weapon Mod Drones in 3 ways.

1. Unlock them in the Fortress of Doom, costs 2 sentinel batteries per drone.
2. Looking for secrets.
3. Replaying previous levels and grabbing weapon mods from there.

Another strategy is to combine the Ballista with either the Chaingun or Precision Bolt. Ballista + PB is the combo I most recommend if you are using the Ballista, as the Chaingun, while it can be useful if you’re out of PB ammo, is much slower to damage the Khan Maykr than the Chaingun and Ballista.

The Khan Maykr’s attacks
Of course, you are not the only one who can do massive damage to the Khan Maykr. She can also do TONS of damage if you’re not careful. So, I will be listing her attacks that she will most often use. Correct me if I miss a few attacks or am wrong about a few of them, experts.

“SUURLAAAH”: The Khan Maykr shouts “SUURLAAAH” and a beam strikes the Slayer, following him for about 4-5 seconds. You should walk in a straight line and continue firing on the Khan Maykr.

Ground Damage: The Khan Maykr causes the ground to glow and start damaging the Slayer if he is not up on a high place. It’s recommended to get on the pillars that can be found all around the arena, since those will protect you.

Projectile Flurry: The Khan Maykr sends a flurry of projectiles, and releases a giant blast after the projectiles finish. To avoid the giant blast, dash out of the way. As for the projectiles, move from side to side while jumping around. This attack is the best opportunity to go for extra damage, although you should be attacking at all times.

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