Hunt Showdown: Beginners Guide 2021

A guide for new or new-ish players of Hunt: Showdown to help improve game knowledge and start winning matches.   Overview Right off the bat, I’d like to start by clarifying that this guide is intended for players who are just starting Hunt:Showdown and will not include many intermediate or advanced tips. This guide should … Read more

Hunt Showdown: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide aims to help you unlock all 37 achievements. It will be separated in 4 sections : General Tips, Quickplay Mode Achievements, Bounty Hunt Mode Achievements and Game Modes Unrelated Achievements.   General Tips The tips I wrote down here are my own and helped me being a “decent player” according to my playstyle, … Read more

Hunt Showdown: Weapon Tier List 2021

A comprehensive ranking of (almost) every weapon in the game from a competitive perspective.   Preface This guide is a tier list of every weapon in the game, ranked by performance alone. When appraising a weapon I am generally not taking price or unlock requirements into consideration. It is extremely easy to get money in … Read more