Hunt Showdown: How to Earn Event Points

Here is a simple guide on how to get more event points in Hunt Showdown.


How to Earn Event Points

Events points can be earned by exploring the map to find event objects, playing the objective, and participating in PVP. Event points are shared in pool with your teammates throughout a hunt. Don’t worry, even if you die, you will still gain event points. A new mechanic allows event objects to be highlighted in Dark Sight up to 10 meters with the default range. This can be boosted up to 70 meters with the new vapours.

Methods to obtain event points:

– Destroying/interacting with event objects. *note* you don’t have to melee the pyre, walking into it will destroy it to save stamina
– Killing a hive with a hunting bow grants 2 event points.
– Killing an armoured with a throwing axe grants 2 event points.
– Killing a boss grants 4 event points.
– Looting a dead hunter grants 5 event points.


*note* Multiple of these can be stacked with teammates for a combined boost towards event points and Dark Sight range.

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