Limbus Company: How to Use Sinking

how to use sinking in limbus company. overviews identities, ego, and ego gifts   HOW TO SINKING Sinking in Limbus Company is a status effect that deals 1 gloom damage on enemies without SP and takes away SP via potency on count. It’s a very powerful status effect, via many … Read More

Limbus Company: Mirror Dungeon Event Guide

A guide on the optimal choices to choose within the Mirror Dungeon. This guide will assume you have formed a proper team comp for the dungeon so that you will be able to clear any and all Sin Affinity checks for events.   Introduction This guide documents Mirror Dungeon events … Read More

Limbus Company: How To Make Good Team

This Guide was made Because many People Still Confuse how to play this game because skip Tutorial and have no brain power then randomly Uga bunga Yolo in game their team got wipe out, also complaining later, when the game mechanic actually very easy to understand.   How To Make … Read More