Limbus Company: Mirror Dungeon Event Guide

A guide on the optimal choices to choose within the Mirror Dungeon.
This guide will assume you have formed a proper team comp for the dungeon so that you will be able to clear any and all Sin Affinity checks for events.



This guide documents Mirror Dungeon events and how best to proceed with them for an optimal outcome.
I’ll only be listing the “correct” outcomes outcomes. (good or nothing happens)

BEST Events

These events are the best you can get:

  • These events offer no drawback to the reward obtained.
  • The reward provided will most likely win you the run.
  • The event does not require a Sin check, therefore you have a 100% success rate to complete.

>Write Hello
>Positive EGO gift. (Pinpoint logic)
(When dealing damage using an Envy/Burn skill, inflict additional burn equal to 1/2 the total skill coins of said skill – rounded up)

>Ask for explanation of the town

>Confess the truth
>+2 Speed for the entire dungeon

>Tell it you took a tour
>Sinner power-up event.

(One of the best events in the game – either power up sinners or perma buff – regardless of choice you get a free good gift too!)

>Press Lightning button
>Positive EGO gift (Standard Duty Battery) <—- Stupidly OP gift
(When dealing damage using skills, inflict 3 Rupture – if using Envy skill, inflict 2 more)

>Press Donut Button
>All allies gain +1 Speed (Entire Dungeon)

You either get to choose to have a really powerful EGO gift or have a permanent +1 Speed buff for all your party members for the whole run. – No drawbacks either.

>Accept blood
>Positive EGO gift (Phlebotomy Pack(REALLY GOOD! Run winner gift right here)
(Each skill you use when damaging heals the user 7.5% of missing HP. If the skill was Wrath, heal 15% instead.)

>Donate blood
>All allies heal 12 HP. Wrath allies heal 15 HP more.

You get to choose to either have an instant HP heal for the party, or get a gift which will help you greatly to sustain the HP of all your characters. – No drawbacks.

>Take a rest
>Positive EGO gift (Eclipse of Scarlet Moths) <—- Very good gift
(Dealing damage with a skill for the first time will deal half its damage as fixed damage to a random enemy – if the skill was Lust, do this again)
>All allies heal 8 HP
>Allies with Lust affinity heal 8 SP

Great event which restores your allies HP, you also get a good EGO gift as a bonus.

Good Events

>Pet the fox
>Positive EGO reward. (Sunshower)
(When activating Sloth Absolute Resonance or using skill that attacks multiple targets: All allies gain +2 Skill Power at the start of the next turn)

>Bandage it
>All allies heal 10 HP. Those with Lust affinity heal 10+ HP more.

>Remove nail
>Positive EGO gift (Grimy Iron Stake)
(After dealing damage with a single-coin skill, inflict 1 Bleed and 1 Defence Down on the target)

>Point the direction
>Positive EGO reward (Blue Zippo Lighter)
(At the start of the turn, gain 1 Gloom EGO resource + 1 EGO resource of 2 other affinities at random)

>Take party SP damage > Sin-power up event.

Or pick the worse option
>Snuff candle out
>Positive EGO gift (Fiery Down)
(After inflicting burn via skill, if said target was already burned, inflict 3 burn to all enemies)
>-1 Skill Down for whole party (Entire Run)

>Cut the Cables
>Positive EGO reward (Dreaming Electric Sheep)
(After dealing damage using an Envy or Slash skill, gain 2 Slash Power-up for 2 turns.)

>Feed water
>Party takes 20 HP damage.
>Positive EGO reward (Old Commemorative Coin)
(The first single coin skill used each turn is used again if said skill doesn’t kill an enemy – after defeating an enemy with a Sloth or single-coin skill, the character gains +1 Skill Power next turn)

>Don’t give water
>Party takes 15 HP damage (except Sloth affinity).
>Positive EGO reward (Old Commemorative Coin)

(You take a lot of damage, but the reward is well worth it.)

>Positive EGO reward (Melty Eyeball)
(Inflict 3 Defence Down on enemies affected by Tremor’s burst)

>Mimic cry
>Nothing happens

>Avert your eyes
>Positive EGO gift (Perversion)
(After dealing damage with a Pride or single-Coin skill, self-apply 1 Attack Up and 1 Defence Up.)

>Walk into the mist
>Positive EGO gift reward (Ashes to Ashes)
(At the start of the turn, if all enemies (or abnormality parts) have Burn, inflict 2 Burn to all enemies.)

>Combat encounter
>Positive EGO gift reward (Coffee and Cranes)
(At the start of the turn, gain 1 EGO resource of a random Affinity that wasn’t used last turn)

>Shake head
>Positive EGO gift reward (Coffee and Cranes)

>Water tree (RNG based, keep watering until you pass the check, or get bored then snap)
>Positive EGO gift (Thunderbranch)
(When a skill inflicts Rupture, inflict +1 Rupture and raise its Count by 1)
>Heal 30 HP, 30 SP for the party

>Snap branch
>Random ally without Gloom affinity takes 10 SP damage
>Positive EGO gift (Thunderbranch)

>Sample Green Substance
>Positive EGO gift (Sticky Resin)
(After dealing damage using Gluttony or Pierce skill, inflict 1 Defence Down on the target)

Or if you want to suffer
>Whole party gets -2 Speed for entire dungeon
You absolutely do not want this.

>Open the coffin
>Positive EGO gift (Wound of Clerid)
(Dealing damage using Wrath of Bleed skills will inflict 3 Bleed to the target)

>Leave it be
You still have to run a sin check to pass this, on fail get punished hard.
>Nothing happens

>Take the brass ring
>Positive EGO gift (Bloody Gadget)
(Each turn, a random ally gains 2 Damage UP. Allies with Lust gain 3 Damage UP instead
>Party takes 10 SP damage to all without Lust affinity

>Listen close
>All party heal 10 HP, and 10 SP

>Play Rock
>Whole party takes 15 HP damage

>Play Paper
>Positive EGO gift (Voodoo Doll)
(All enemies take 3 fixed damage at the start of each turn. Enemies at 1/3 HP are inflicted with 1 Attack Down)

>Play Scissors
>Nothing happens

>Order to carry luggage
>Positive EGO gift (Nixie Divergence)
(Inflict 4 Tremor to all enemies at the start of battle)

>Pick the flower
>Positive EGO gift (Crown of Roses)
(At the start of the turn, inflict 4 Rupture to a random enemy. Gluttony Absolute Resonance will inflict 2 Rupture to all enemies)

>Pick the flower
>Identities without Pride affinity take 5 HP damage
>Pride affinity users heal 15 HP
>Positive ego gift (Prejudice)
(At the start of the 3rd turn, the lowest HP ally heals 15% of max HP)

>Close eyes
>Positive EGO gift (Late-Bloomer’s Tattoo)
(Dealing damage with Pride or single-Coin skills will apply 1 Attack UP + 1 Defence UP for the user)

>Nod (Accept drink)
>Share with everyone
>All allies heal 15 HP, those with gloom affinity heal 15 SP

>Shake head (Refuse drink)
>Positive EGO gift (Green Spirits)
(Damaging a non-Staggered enemy using Gluttony or using Tremor skills will inflict 4 Tremor on all enemies)

>Approach them
>Positive EGO gift (Grey Coat)
(Multi-target skills deal 20% more damage. Gloom or Multi-damage skills will heal 20% of damage dealt as HP to user)

>Reach out to grab its hand
>All allies take 13 SP damage
>Positive EGO gift (Phantom Pain)
(Skills deal +15% damage to single targets. When activating Gloom Absolute Resonance, apply 1 Attack Up to all allies next turn)

>Read the tablet
>Positive EGO gift (Lithograph)
(Whenever an enemy is Staggered, the lowest health ally heals 5% of Max HP)

>Remove wall talisman
>Combat encounter
>Positive EGO gift (Talisman Bundle)
(After dealing 12+ damage using a skill, inflict 2 Rupture. If skill was Slash, inflict 4 instead)

>Remove doll talisman
>Positive EGO gift (Talisman Bundle)

The BAD Events

You’re straight up are doomed if you encounter this event. There is no way to avoid getting this “gift”.
Both options will force the gift on you.
Do not “wave” – this will just give the gift but also make you have to fight a battle.

This gift is horrible and you do not want it. It will make enemies unstagger on your turn while usually inflicting 6-14 bleed which is not worth stagger removal as you can easily make up for that damage.

EVEN if you fail the sin check on purpose to try to avoid the gift, instead you will take 5 Party HP damage (except gloom), and you will be FORCED to do the check again until you obtain the gift or die. So if you have the incorrect sin affinity check in your party, you will straight up lose your run 🙂

HOWEVER, there is a single method to pass this event without getting the gift, and to do so you must sacrifice one of your sinners. They will die, but you will be spared the gift.
To do this, you must “Wave Back” and engage in the combat encounter, what you need to do is send a single sinner out to the fight and have them die.
Their death will make the event fail, and as a result you will not receive the gift and be spared.

>Reach out
>Allies without Wrath affinity take 16 HP damage
>Allies without Wrath affinity receive 5 Burn every start of combat
>Positive EGO gift (Helterfly’s Dream)
(Inflicting Burn to an enemy with burn already inflicts 3 Burn to all enemies)

>Nothing happens

This event is bad because you either get a bad gift while receiving massive drawbacks, or you just leave and this ends up being an empty tile instead of gaining levels or getting better events.

>Party takes 25 HP damage, those with Pride affinity are unaffected
>Positive EGO gift (Lowest Star)
(After dealing blunt damage, deal 5 SP damage also – if skill was Pride affinity, deal 3 more SP)

>Sinner Power-Up event
>Party takes 25 HP damage (except for Pride affinity)

>Take your leave. (Nothing happens)

This event EGO gift isn’t that great, who cares about dealing SP damage when you can just kill them instead? While the Sinner Power-Up event is great, depending whether you have a form to recover HP, taking 25 HP as a party can be fatal and leave you in 1-tap stagger range.
Though at least you do have the option to simply avoid this event and leave.

Ending notes

-Guide is being updated, if you find an event which wasn’t listened then mention it in the comments and it’ll be added.

Best gifts:
  • Carmilla – Having all human battles have -20% max HP makes the mirror dungeon really easy; enemies can even start off staggered with this gift.
  • Phelobotomy Pack – Each skill that deals damage heals you 7.5% missing HP; this allows all your sinners to heal from battles and sustain themselves without the need for healing sites.
  • Lithograph – Restore 5% Max HP to lowest HP ally when an enemy is staggered, if the skill used was Gluttony, heal 10% instead. – Also another great healing gift which restores flat max HP to the ally who needs healing the most.
  • Rusty Commemorative Coin – This allows single-coin skills to be used twice if they didn’t kill; this works on EGO cards too, which makes this basically another free attack.
  • Standard-duty Battery – All skills inflict 3 Rupture – more damage for all sinners; works really well with Gregor.
  • Eclipse of Scarlet Moths – 1/2 of skill damage is deal as fixed damage to a random enemy. This has a really powerful bug where the effect carries over to multiple battles. So for example, if you use a powerful EGO card and deal 60 damage; next combat, an enemy will receive 30 damage.
Good gifts:
  • Homeward – At the start of combat, all allies heal 12% Max HP – can be useful for restoring HP without having to land attacks.
  • Child within a Flask – Starting combat with +1 EGO resource is very helpful as it can allow you to instantly prepare certain EGO cards (example, Sinclair)
  • Blue Zippo Lighter – This grants more EGO resource each turn – very helpful in helping to spam EGO attacks.

-I have no respect for gifts which require an enemy to die to receive a mediocre effect.
-Also, events which give permanent buffs i.e Speed+ are very helpful for any build.


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