Mystwood Manor: How to Level up Your Staff

Explains how to level up your staffs’ skills.   How to level up your staffs’ skills (Normal mode only). In order to level up your staffs’ skills levels, they need to be assigned to the jobs the guests’ demands their services in, any upkeep jobs (such as housekeeping, maintenance, healthcare … Read More

Mystwood Manor: How to Advance with Your Staff and Guests

How to progress the storylines for your staff and guests.   Staff progression. In order to progress the storlines of your staff, click the middle (Staff) orb on the right (centered) while you are at the planning screen. Once you’re at the staff member’s Profile tab, click their Progress tab … Read More

Mystwood Manor: Guest Requests/Orders in Normal Mode [v1.1.0]

Here is a list of all guest requests or orders in Mystwood Manor.   Guest Requests/Orders (Normal Mode Only) .Bar.* Dutch beer = Heineken German beer = Warsteiner Scottish good stuff/Scottish nectar = Scotch American nectar = Bourbon French good stuff = Cognac Cocktail with tomato juice = Bloody Mary … Read More

Mystwood Manor: How to Get “Special Items”

How to obtain the “special items” for the girls’ bonus tier rewards (available in Normal mode only).   Special items. In order to obtain the items needed to claim the bonus tier rewards for your staff, the following criteria must be met: You must have completed the MC’s “Cracking the … Read More