Mystwood Manor Frequently Asked Questions (Saves, Cheat, Game Logs, and etc)

Mystwood Manor is a 3DCG adult game developed by Faerin, here is a list of frequently asked questions for you to start the game.

Note: the latest version 0.9.2 is now out.


Mystwood Manor Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are my saves? Where I have to copy key.ini or incest patch?
A. The saves are in profile folderkey.ini and incest patch must be copied into the same path where you have extracted the game like you can see in attached screenshot


Q. How to enable Cheat Menu in game?
A. You have to check if, in your game folder, you have the file key.ini or key (depends if you can see files extension), if you haven’t it, you have to copy like I have described in point above.
Also you can see if the game has started in Full mode, after you have loaded it, please check, in the bottom right corner, what it is written in the brackets.


Also please remember that:

  • Cheat Menu is enabled only after the tutorial has been completed, that is when Karen (the first guest you check-in in your hotel) will leave.
  • Every game version has its key.ini file, you can’t transfer this file from old game path to the new one because it will not be recognized.

Q. How can I transfer my saves from the old game version to the new one?
A. You have to copy profile folder from your old game path to the new one.

Q. When a new game version will be released?
A. The game is released montly based, every last Friday of the month.

Q. Where do I find my game logs?
A. You can find your game logs into this path: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\Faerin Games\Mystwood Manor
Please replace UserName with the Windows account name you have in your PC.
Once you have found Player.log file, please zip it and upload it here with the description of your problem. Please don’t copy its file content and upload it here, because it is unreadble.

Q. When I load the game, it stays stuck on System Assets, what is the problem? (like in the picture below)


A. This problem can happen for 3 reasons:

  • The path where you have extracted the game is too long (too many subfolders), please extract the game in a shorter path (like C:\) and check again
  • The path where you have extracted the game has some special characters that Windows don’t like, in this case check the folders name and delete any special characters that you see and check again
  • You have used a mod, extract the game and play without any mods

Q. Why my guests request only kitchen, restaurant and bar jobs, but not other ones?
A. Please remember to check-in guests with higher level than 1.
You have to set Julia in the lobby and then change the number in the top left corner.
The number means the guest level you will check-in, also some number may be blocked because your hotel or Julia lobby skill aren’t high enough, the lowest of the two stats win (for example if hotel is level 2 and Julia has lobby skill at level 3, you can pick up only level 2 guests).


Q. Why I can’t renew Yoga or Club rooms?
A. For renewing Yoga room, you have to complete Annika’s tier 4 2nd event (Being flexible), instead of Club room you have to complete Hana’s tier 1 3rd event (A beautiful voice).

Q. Why I continue to see a loop on latest events for Amber, Hana and Laura?
A. The girl asks for having hard sex, increase the speed of the animation by increasing the right slider to the top. If you don’t see the slider, please select Play Videos on game settings.

Q. How do I get items?
A. You can pick up items only when a room has been renovated by exploring Mystwood Manor, if MC will go to the attic it should find the missing item.
For example, for finding the silver plate (item that increase restaurant satisfaction), you have to renovate the restaurant then explore Mystwood Manor.
Remember that finding items is a bit randomic, so it could be necessary to explore multiple times to find the item.

Also this method will be replace eventually in some future updates.

Q. The game starts but I don’t seen any images, I see only a fog screen or it doesn’t load correctly the images
A. Probably you some issues with Visual C++ Runtime, this game requires Visual C++ 2015 x86 Runtime to load images.
Please be aware that if you have already installed Visual C++ Runtime 2017/2019 Runtime, you have to uninstall them first, then please download the latest version from here.

Q. The game starts but I see only a black screen
A. Please check what video card you have installed in your system, we have seen report about people who have nVidia 9500 / 9600 / GT 330M / G 105M with driver version that have problem and we don’t know how to fix it permanently at the moment.
The only workaround to this problem is to disable your nVidia video card from Device Manager, then start the game. In this way the game will start in software render mode, but it could be really slow (remember to enable again your video card when you have closed the game).

If you have another nVidia model, and it is in the table below, you can try to disable G-Sync and see if without it, the game works correctly.

Q. The game crashes when I start it with Windows 7 OS
A. Please try to install this patch and see if it fixes the problem

Q. Which Windows version is supported? Can I play the game on Linux, MacOS, Android or iOS?
A. The game runs from Windows 7 or later OS.

For Android or iOS, it isn’t possible to play the game yet and we don’t know if Faerin will made any game version for this kind of device.

For Linux and MacOS, you can play the game with latest Wine 6.0.x stable version.

Credit to S3pHiroTh

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