Mystwood Manor: How to Get “Special Items”

How to obtain the “special items” for the girls’ bonus tier rewards (available in Normal mode only).


Special items.

In order to obtain the items needed to claim the bonus tier rewards for your staff, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must have completed the MC’s “Cracking the case” event (this unlocks the spider in the lake).
  • You must have completed all of Orville’s events.
  • You must have spoken with Libby at the Royal Stag about skinny dipping (this unlocks the lake on your map).
  • You must have discovered a cave during your exploration of the woods during the day.
  • You must have purchased the flashlight and fishing rod from the general store.

Explore the woods during the day to find a bronze crown.
Explore Isabella’s cottage during the day to find a bronze rectangle.
Fish at the lake during the day to find a bronze spider.
Explore the cave during the day and place all three items on the appropriate statues.
Go back to the Manor and equip the nude figurine to your MC.

Claim the girls’ rewards.

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