Mystwood Manor: Guest Requests/Orders in Normal Mode [v1.1.0]

Here is a list of all guest requests or orders in Mystwood Manor.


Guest Requests/Orders (Normal Mode Only)

Dutch beer = Heineken
German beer = Warsteiner
Scottish good stuff/Scottish nectar = Scotch
American nectar = Bourbon
French good stuff = Cognac
Cocktail with tomato juice = Bloody Mary
Cocktail with some cranberry juice = Cosmopolitan
Cocktail with some orange juice = Screwdriver
Cocktail with rum = Mai Tai
Cocktail with vodka = Cosmopolitan
Beer, American brand = Miller High Life
Cocktail with some tequila = Margarita
Champagne = A glass of Brut
Red wine = A glass of Merlot
White wine = A glass of Sauvignon Blanc
Some white wine = A glass of white wine
(bar cont’d)
Some red wine = A glass of red wine
A French drink = Cognac
American drink = Bourbon
A cocktail with brandy = Sidecar
Cocktail with gin = Negroni
Cocktail with whiskey = Boulevardier

Asian breakfast = Spring rolls
Japanese food = Tempura
Indonesian food = Nasi goreng
French food = Ratatouille
French food = Coq au vin
French breakfast = Croissant with jam
Indian food = Biryani
Colombian breakfast = Changua
Swedish breakfast = Pannkakor
Polish breakfast = Jajecznica
Italian food/typical Italian food = Lasagna
English diner = Cottage pie
A Finnish breakfast = Puuro
An Argentinian breakfast = Medialunas
Russian food = Pelmeni
Korean food = Bulgogi
Bulgarian breakfast = Banitsa
English food = Beans on toast
Mexican food = Enchiladas
Italian food = Risotto
English breakfast = Beans on toast
Serbian food = Ćevapi
Something sweet = Pancakes with syrup
Quick breakfast = Breakfast cereal
Some soup = Tomato soup
Some cereal = Breakfast cereal
A salad = A salad
Some fish = Smoked salmon
Something healthy = Fruit platter
Some meat = A cheeseburger
Junk food = Hamburger
Something spicy = Chili
Something healthy = A fruit platter
Lunch, something sweet = Pancakes with syrup
Lunch, something healthy = A fruit platter
Sweet breakfast = Pancakes with syrup
Healthy breakfast = A fruit platter
A hamburger = A hamburger
Some vegetables = A salad

.Fitness Center.*
Improve my posture = Strengthening your core
More muscle mass = Low reps with heavy weight
More muscle tone on my arms and legs = Lifting weights
Improve my endurance = Cardio
(fitness cont’d)
More muscle definition = High reps with light weight
Lower back pains = Strengthening your core
Improving posture = Core stability
More muscle mass = Low reps with heavy weight
More muscle tone = Weightlifting
Overall endurance = Cardio
Work on my lats = Chin-ups
More muscle definition = High reps with light weight
Lower back pains = Core stability
Decent workout = Medium workout
A real challenge = A heavy workout
Improve my condition = Cardio
Go easy on me = A light workout
Muscle endurance = High Reps with light weight
Work on my quads = Squats
Work on my traps = Upright rows

That uses light = Infrared sauna
That uses a stove = Traditional sauna
A sauna where water is boiled = A steam room
Not too hot = Infrared sauna
Nice and hot, but no steam = A dry sauna
Nice and hot, and some steam = Traditional sauna
A moderately hot sauna with as much humidity as possible = A steam room
A moderately hot sauna with low humidity = Infrared sauna
A very hot sauna with low humidity = Traditional sauna
Not too hot and without steam = Infrared sauna
Nice and hot, plenty of steam = Traditional sauna

.Massage parlor.*
A massage to relieve tension in my muscles = Deep-tissue massage
Haven’t been feeling very flexible = Thai massage
Light massage/Mild massage/Go easy/Be gentle = Swedish massage
Knots between shoulders/knots in back = Deep-tissue massage
A more active form of massage to stretch my body/Full body = Thai massage
A nice relaxing massage = A Swedish massage
Muscles have been feeling very sore/neck pains = Deep-tissue massage
Indian massage = Champissage massage
Japanese massage = Amatsu massage
Hawaiian massage = LomiLomi
Where you use scented oils = Aromatherapy
Where you use stones = A hot-stone massage
A regular massage = Swedish massage

Best stroke for improving posture and hip flexibility = Back stroke
Best stroke for improving chest, back and lat muscles = Breast stroke
Core and upper body = Butterfly stroke
Burn as many calories as possible = Butterfly stroke
Burn as little calories as possible = Breast stroke
Cover as much distance as possible = Freestyle

Pose that stretches upper and lower body = The downward facing dog
Pose that stretches my spine = The cobra
Focuses on steady breathing = The lotus

A rap song = Lose yourself
A Madonna song = Like a virgin
A Michael Jackson song = Beat it
A song from the eighties = Billy Jean
A Queen song = Bohemian Rhapsody
A song from the seventies = Stairway to Heaven
A ballad = Purple Rain
A pop song = Baby one more time.
A French dance = The Can-Can
A Dominican dance = The Bachata
An Angolan dance = Kizomba
A song from the nineties = I will always love you

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