All the KFC restaurant locations in Erangel with the PUBG x KFC collaboration update.   KFC restaurant branches in PUBG There are 10 KFC restaurant locations in Erangel. What’s inside the PUBG KFC restaurant? Gas stations in PUBG were temporarily changed to KFC branches in Erangel. You’ll see a Colonel … Read More

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – New Erangel Secret Rooms

All the new secret room locations in Erangel map update   New Erangel Secret Room Map What they look like Secret Rooms To open the top part shoot the wood or blow it up, either works. Keys to unlock the door Locations In order from Top Down First 2 letters … Read More

PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS: Secret Rooms and Camps in New Vikendi Map

Map of the secret rooms and camps of the updated Vikendi (Vikendi Reborn)!   Map of updated Vikendi – Blue indicates secret rooms that require a key card. – Green – camps that have boxes with good loot (be careful, alarms work in some camps)! Secret room example: 1. Secret room: Camp example: 2. … Read More


Here is a guide for the new map Deston.   Deston Map Guide The new 8×8 km map called Deston has gone live for PUBG PC players and brings plenty of new features including weapons, cars, gameplay mechanics and much more. We will be taking an in-depth look at all … Read More

PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS: Deston Secret Room Locations

Hello and welcome player! In this guide I want to show to you all of the secret room locations on latest map added to PUBG: Battlegrounds called “Deston”. On these locations shown on screenshot you can find different tier 3 loot such as: lvl3 Helmet, lvl3 Vest and guns such … Read More