PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – New Erangel Secret Rooms

All the new secret room locations in Erangel map update


New Erangel Secret Room Map

What they look like

Secret Rooms

To open the top part shoot the wood or blow it up, either works.

Keys to unlock the door

Locations In order from Top Down

First 2 letters indicate map grid

1. FI – North West of Stalber

Bonus text on the floor inside this one:

2. BJ – North West Georgopol

3. EJ – South of Severny

4. GK – East of Tasnaka Polyana

5. CK – East of Georgopol

6. FL – West of Museum

7. BL – South of Hospital

8. CL – North West of Pochinki

9. EM – West of Farm

10. GM – East of Mylta

11. CN – North of Ferry Pier

12. BN – North West of Primorsk

13. EN – North Military Island

14. EO – West Military Island

15. FO – East Military Island

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