PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS: Secret Rooms and Camps in New Vikendi Map

Map of the secret rooms and camps of the updated Vikendi (Vikendi Reborn)!


Map of updated Vikendi

– Blue indicates secret rooms that require a key card.

– Green – camps that have boxes with good loot (be careful, alarms work in some camps)!

Secret room example:

1. Secret room:

Camp example:

2. Camp:

Crates in camps:

Types of crates in the camps:

 Yellow “Supply Delivery” crates: can contain power-up items, thrown weapons, M79, or level 3 equipment.

– Red “Supply Delivery” crates: can contain weapons available on Vikendi (along with ammo). If you’re really lucky, you might even get weapons from airdrops!

– Blue “Supply Delivery” crates: Modules available on Vikendi.

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