Starfield: Mission Board Locations

Where to find Mission Boards in Starfield. Each Faction (United Colonies, Freestar Rangers, Crimson Fleet, Constellation) has their own, Faction-specific Mission Boards, which deal mainly with Faction-specific concerns. General Mission Boards usually offer a variety of missions, such as transporting people and goods, dealing with Crimson Fleet, Spacers, or supplying … Read More

Starfield: 100% Checklist Spreadsheet

A comprehensive spreadsheet for tracking all companions, evidence, houses, powers, missions, research projects, ships, skills, skill magazines, snow globes, surveys, unique items, and traits.   Spreadsheet Designed to suit numerous playstyles, this spreadsheet will ensure that you don’t miss anything there is to experience (unless of course you want to). … Read More

Starfield: Outpost Engineer Guide for Skill Level 0

This is just a basics to get you started in Outpost building. This guide is NOT all-inclusive and is just touching the tip of the ‘berg, as this was very time consuming for me to put together. Hope this helps a few of you industrialists out there!   Outpost Buildings … Read More

Starfield: Burden of Proof Evidence Slate Locations

Locations and descriptions for how to find the slates needed for evidence against Crimson Fleet members in the faction quest Burden of Proof.   Background For the most part, slates can be grabbed at any point; it’s just that getting certain ones during certain quests is easier. If you happen … Read More