Starfield: Mission Board Locations

Where to find Mission Boards in Starfield. Each Faction (United Colonies, Freestar Rangers, Crimson Fleet, Constellation) has their own, Faction-specific Mission Boards, which deal mainly with Faction-specific concerns. General Mission Boards usually offer a variety of missions, such as transporting people and goods, dealing with Crimson Fleet, Spacers, or supplying resources to distant locations via Cargo Links at your Outposts.


Faction Mission Boards

United Colonies SysDef – onboard the UC Vigilance

Freestar Rangers – The Rock AKA Freestar Rangers HQ in Akila City

Constellation – In the basement with the various Workstations

Crimson Fleet – The Key (in the Reckoner’s Bar)

General Mission Boards

New Atlantis – Spaceport (Viewport bar) and The Well (Jake’s Bar)

Akila City – Hitching Post

Neon – Astral Lounge

Cydonia – Broken Spear

HopeTown – Pit Stop bar

New Homestead (Titan in the Sol system) – Museum

Deimos Staryard orbiting Mars

Stroud-Ecklund Staryard in the Narion system

Trident Luxury Lines Staryard orbiting Akila

Player-made Outposts (these are an option in the Misc category)

Most non-hostile Outposts such as Science Outposts, Industrial Outposts, and the like. Note that if there are no civilians, there’s no Mission Board. Some non-hostile Outposts may not have a Mission Board. Those that do, may have them outside the habitats, or inside one of them.

From what I’ve seen, Mission Boards are system-wide, meaning the one in Cydonia will have the same missions as the one at Deimos Staryard, or New Homestead. The one you build at an outpost in the Settled Systems will usually also have the same mission as one at another established location in that system. However, Faction-specific boards will usually be the only place to get those specific missions. Given the random nature of mission generation, you may find exceptions to this.

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