Starfield: Outpost Engineer Guide for Skill Level 0

This is just a basics to get you started in Outpost building. This guide is NOT all-inclusive and is just touching the tip of the ‘berg, as this was very time consuming for me to put together. Hope this helps a few of you industrialists out there!


Outpost Buildings – Basics

Want to start building Outposts and have little to no idea where to start? Well then you’re landed on a great find to perhaps help you do just that!
To start outposts open up your scanner (‘F’ default) and then select outpost (‘R’ default) and you’ll see a transparent version of the building above for you to place. Also notice in the upper left of your heads-up display the possible resources you can acquire at this current location.
Note: If unable to place an Outpost (option unavailable) it is likely because you are too close to another outpost/point of interest, or that you’re on an extreme planet without the required ‘Planetary Habitation’ skill level.
When placing pay attention to the prompts and keybinding hints given… and you can many time adjust the rotation and height of each building/object you place.
Caution: some items require you to place them twice.

Outpost Building – Buildings Cost

Okay Fuji, so I get how to place items… and recognize what resources I will get at my location, but what resources should I go after first?
Excellent question! As… I asked myself that, to which I painstakingly did some initial research on Outpost Engineering Level 0 buildings to help you gain an understanding what materials you’ll need when setting up your outposts.
Couple items to note:
1) Requirements are grouped by type and then sorted by the materials used by the most buildings.
2) For simplicity sake, I purposely skipped three categories (Furniture, Decorations, & Displays)
Below you will find an image summarizing my findings. (click image for better detail)
(And yes, I did my best to visually match Starfield color theme and the inorganic materials)
By Fuji

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