Starfield: Burden of Proof Evidence Slate Locations

Locations and descriptions for how to find the slates needed for evidence against Crimson Fleet members in the faction quest Burden of Proof.



For the most part, slates can be grabbed at any point; it’s just that getting certain ones during certain quests is easier.
If you happen to miss one, I have the name of the evidence listed with its location, planet, and system to find it.

You shouldn’t need every piece of evidence to finish the quest; I still had four left when I had it marked Completed, but I could still grab the extras and turn them in.

Shout out to a post on reddit that helped me find them to begin with:

During Crimson Fleet Quests

Deep Cover (Cydonia, Mars, Sol)
  • Naeva Meetup (Evidence): On the desk behind where Adler Kemp sits, in the upstairs of the bar area
Echoes of the Past (The Lock, Suvorov, Kyrx)
  • Carter’s Gig (Evidence): In Carter’s Locker; you should find it during the quest, but it’s in the Showers between prison blocks
  • Warden’s Log (Evidence): In the Warden’s Office to the right of the intercom from the quest; it’s on the cabinet under the broken monitor
Breaking the Bank (Siren of the Stars, Aranae IV, Aranae)

Note: I’m not sure if this exists before the quest or if you can come back afterward

  • Request Denied (Evidence): In the ship’s crew quarters, there’s a nicer room that belongs to the captain; it’s on the shelf by his bed
  • GalBank Plan (Evidence): Talk to Gabriel Vera when he’s alone during the questline
The Best There Is (The Well, New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri | SY-920, Luyten’s Rock, Luyten’s Star)

Note: For the second one, I’m not sure if this exists before the quest or if you can come back afterward

  • Huan’s Talk (Evidence): In Kay’s Diner’s kitchen, on the first floor, through the plastic; on the counter beside the fridge
  • Eubanks & Woods (Evidence): In a room next to Gabriel Vogel’s lab with a vent, across the room from the vent, on a cart
Absolute Power (Neon Core, Volii Alpha, Volii)
  • The Big Score (Evidence): On Madam Sauvages’s nightstand, in the room behind the bar at Madam Sauvage’s bar
  • Meeting With Bayu (Evidence): In the safe inside Generdyne’s office; if you turn it in to SysDef, you can’t use it as persuasion in the quest
  • Ayumi’s Offer (Evidence): In Euphorika’s member’s lounge, behind the bartender
Eye of the Storm (The Legacy, Bannoc IV, Bannoc)

Note: Like the others with notes, I’m not sure if this exists before the quest, though in this case, you need the ship equipment from the quests to get here anyway

  • Mortem Obire (Evidence): In the Vault Control Room of The Legacy, on the floor next to Kryx’s body

During Crimson Fleet Side Missions

Reclaiming the Past (Deserted Ecliptic Garrison, Rasalhague I, Rasalhague)

Note: Quest is given by the bartender, Bog, in The Key

  • Message For Bog (Evidence): In the chest with the quest item, at the top (end?, however you want to call the non-linear but harder enemy towards the end spot) of the Ecliptic mercs in the garrison
Doctor’s Orders (The Clinic, Deepala, Narion)

Note: Quest is given by the doctor in the Clinic in the Key, in the section with all the shops

  • Gennady Ayton (Evidence): In the back right corner, there’s an office literally labeled Office; the slate is in the back right corner of the room on top of a stack of machinery

Ambiently Around

The Key (The Key, Suvorov, Kyrx)
  • Request A17 (Evidence): In the Ship Services booth, front left corner of the desk if you were facing her
  • Voss’s Parts (Evidence): Take the stairs up to the Command Center on the second floor, and it’s in the first room at the top, front left corner on the desk
  • Mira’s Demise (Evidence): In the Bunks area on the first floor of the Core, in one of the rooms; the best I can offer is to go downstairs from the Captain’s Quarters, go straight and slightly left, then slightly right and straight ahead there’s a room with weights on the ground, it’s on stuff in front of the cot (or just run around aimlessly in the Bunks and find it like I did)
Red Mile (Red Mile, Porrima III, Porrima)
  • Chunks Heist (Evidence): Facing the bar when you walk in, it’s on the bar in the front left corner
Gagarin Landing (Gagarin Landing, Gagarin, Alpha Centauri)
  • Chiroptera (Evidence): Facing the bar, it’s on the bar in the front right corner
HopeTown (HopeTown, Polvo, Valo)
  • HopeTown Raid (Evidence): In The Pit Stop (the bar on the left of HopeTown), facing the bartender, it’s on the bar in the back right corner
The Den (The Den, Chthonia, Wolf)
  • Kreet Offer (Evidence): Straight back from where you dock, on the middle table overlooking the bar

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