V Rising: Castle & Room Layouts for PVE (V1.0)

How to build compact and efficient castle, that can be built almost everywhere.   TL;DR Check locations here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OLBUKdDrF2NbDwPJ5M5kRsKu7_iEVi8CHelbGYg1fFk/edit Recommended basement size -9х7. Place stairs module and build rooms around assuming environment and available space. Build garden pavements inside castle – they provide same speed boost as carpets, but almost … Read More

V Rising: How to Get a Flawless Skin

V Rising invites players to plunge into the difficult life of a vampire and build their own castle. In the game, you will find many dangerous opponents, bosses, and other difficulties. To make V Rising easier, you should be aware of the various resources and items needed to create and improve … Read More

V Rising: How To Edit Existing Server Settings

How to easily access, modify, and update your local host save files (solo / LAN / hosting with friends). Great for modifying servers/saves mid-campaign to increase/reduce drop rates, damage, health, and lots of others.   Disclaimer ****USE AT YOUR OWN RISK /// USING INVALID NUMBER VALUES OUTSIDE NORMAL RANGES COULD … Read More

V Rising: How to Clear Server-list

Here is a simple guide on how to clear server-list.   Intro BEFORE: RESULT: 1) Steam Cloud – Enabled 1) Open folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\123456789\1604030\remote\” “123456789” = ID of user “1604030” = ID of game (1604030 for V Rising) 2) Edit file “ServerHistory.json” Delete file content (do not delete file) … Read More

V Rising: Servant Mission Guide

This guide will help you understand the basics of the Castle Throne, Servant Coffins, and Servant Missions gameplay features.   Summary This guide assumes that you understand how to create a Castle Throne and capture servants, but have questions about which missions to send them on and how the system … Read More

V Rising: All Blood Boss Locations

Here is a full list of all blood boss locations in V Rising.   General information about blood bosses There are several V Blood Bosses in V Rising, scattered throughout the regions. This guide lists the different bosses, their locations, level and the rewards you receive for defeating them, including … Read More

V Rising: Server Settings Guide (ServerHostSettings.json File)

This guide will explain what the various settings in your ServerHostSettings.json mean.   Intro Alright you got your server up and running found the settings file and have no clue what any of those lines of code mean. Welcome to the guide that will help you figure that out. Although … Read More

V Rising: Scourgestones Guide (How to Find & Craft)

Probably all of you are wondering, how to get those freaky little green bastards – Scourgestones. In this short guide I will try to help you and to tell all the ways and places to get this valuable loot.   Introduction Good night, you suckers! Probably all of you are … Read More