V Rising: How to Train Your Golem (Autofarmers Guide)

Here is a guide on how to make your Golems work for You!


How to Train your Golem!

With the amount of bases dotted across the map of course a lot of them are going to have one of these big lugs camping outside, and those locations are the key to fast & free loot my friends!

The might of our giant Buddy!!

We’ve all seen how these fabulously dynamic NPC’s are constantly fighting each other, and our buddy here is no exception!
The stone golem is a very territorial beast, capable of wiping out whole groups of enemies who dare to approach.

The whole concept here is finding yourself a base that comes packaged with your very own stone buddy just outside!
Now preferably by a road-side where he can sweep up as many groups as possible, hell I’ve even seen buddy solo bosses and come out clean, so that’s free upps for you my friends, especially if you’re just starting out!

Now buddy’s a big slow lug, and he ain’t got good hands for pickin’ up all that loot lyin’ around, so he won’t mind you goin in and picking it all up behind him when he’s done with all the killin’.
Just be quick about it.

Bow don’t worry so much if your base hasn’t come equipped with its own buddy, that’s just for convenience and safety, but so long as you’re lingering within writable distance for the AI, he’ll keep fightin.
And even then, Buddy still has a lot more to give for his friends.

The Hardened Harvester!!

No matter where he is Buddy’s always happy to lend a hand! just direct him to the nearest pile of resources, be it trees stone or minerals, and he’ll Smash them right up for you! Saving plenty of time and effort, Thanks Buddy!

Remember, Always protect your Buddy!

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